5 Ways to Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication Skills directly affect a person's personalityOn this blog, till date we have read about a number of issues that arise between individuals. We have seen issues between friends, between husband and a wife, issues between parents and children and also issues or conflicts that take place randomly with people whom we do not even know. In all these cases, there was one factor which was common to each of them; a factor which was either the cause of the conflict and misunderstanding or which played an important role in resolving the issue.

That is communication. The way we communicate with people makes a lot of difference which is evident from the number of cases that have been covered on this blog in the form of issues that take place between individuals. It was clear from these cases that the tool of communication was either smartly used or was inefficiently and incorrectly used, as a result of which relationships changed.

The way we interact with people marks an impression of our own attitude and overall character on the mind of the opposite person. Your voice tone as well as the body gestures plays an important role in this. Of course, in many cases it happens that your intentions and your communication skills seem to be moving in the different directions. Let’s say a person who has a habit of speaking loudly might seem friendly to one and over-confident to another person. Those factors are always there, but here we will go through some basic points which more or less play the same role in every person’s personality development.

  • Maintain an eye to eye contact with the opposite person

Whenever someone is speaking to you or when you are speaking to someone, take care to maintain an eye to eye contact with that person. If the opposite person is talking to you, listen to him/her carefully as this will be an acknowledgement for that person that you are paying attention and also giving due importance to their talk. When you speak to someone, an eye to eye contact makes you seem more confident to the other person. Not just that, but it also helps you express yourself more clearly. The opposite person will clearly understand your intentions and that would avoid any kind of misconceptions.

  • Make use of gestures

If you are someone who finds it difficult to play with words or someone who finds it difficult to express your ideas in words, then do take help of bodily gestures. The way you stand, your facial and hand gestures speak a lot on your behalf, especially in cases where your words do not clearly reflect your intentions. In short, every action that you make with your face and hands is a part of your communication skills. In many cases, you do not even have to say a word; your overall body language is enough to convey the message. Knowledge of this can help you avoid any conflicts that would occur due to misconceptions getting built up. Also, it will help you become more expressive in your day-to-day communications.

  • Try to be soft spoken

Learn to be more and more soft-spoken. Soft-spoken is someone who is gentle in terms of the voice tone. A soothing tone of voice can easily change the mindset of opposite person. Even a person who is angry at a particular moment naturally controls his anger when hears a soothing voice. After all, who likes a harsh tone? No one! We all wish that we are attended in a soft and gentle tone. Even if it is our own mistake, we would want the opposite person to let us know softly.

  • Be careful with usage of words

Words are powerful enough to change the entire game. They can raise the temper of a calm person and calm down an aggressive person. We normally do not think before speaking. We have never even thought about it or never ever given it a try. But usage of words plays an important role in the entire communication process. Your intentions become more or less clear from what you speak. It is not at all necessary that you make use of impolite or a filthy language when you are angry or when you have to make the opposite person realize his/her mistake. In every place and in every situation, it is very much possible to make an impact by using polite words; words which are neither disrespectful and which holds the potential to convey the intentions and feeling in the desired manner. So be polite at your speech, as it speaks a lot about your own personality. Try it for your own well being, if not for others.

  • Learn to be humble

In the end, the most important thing is to be humble. Develop humility in your overall behaviour. It is not just for creating a good impression in opposite person’s view, but also for self-improvement. It will help you stay positive in every situation. It is because, negative emotions like self-pride and ego will be at the minimum. So be humble. It is powerful enough to change the opposite person’s mindset for good.


In short, all that I have summed up in the above points is a basic fact that one need not be harsh and impolite at all to get his/her work done. By being such, we might find ourselves successful, but somewhere it has done some damage to our own personality. Hence I had mentioned above that try it for own self if not for others. If we can do it while communicating and interacting with others, good, but more important is to think about our own personality and the rest will follow on its own.

These points will help one develop one’s own personality for good. With these you will notice that your daily interactions have started turning healthier. Good communication skills will make you more confident while you are engaged in your daily activities and it will also prevent you from falling into conflicts with people around. So try out these points and feel the change in the air.

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