Are You Willing To Give Up Something For Your Own Good?

Are you willing to give up something for your own good? If yes, then make sure your overall perspective is clear and in the right direction. Let us begin with what the great scientist Albert Einstein believed.

I must be willing to give up what I am in order to become what I will be.

                                                          – Albert Einstein

Are you willing to give up something for your own good?

This thought or idea of Albert Einstein applies to each one of us and at every stage of our life. We all agree that if we want to achieve something in life, then we need to understand what is correct and what is not. It is a process. We need to understand what we are today and compare it and analyse it with what we crave to become in the future.

During this process of introspection and self-analysis, it is very important for one to realize one’s own weaknesses and negative aspects. The rule is straight-forward, one which Albert Einstein has said “Give up what you are today to become what you will be in future”. Giving up what you are today points out on giving up your negative attributes, those attributes that are a hindrance to you in the process of achieving your goal.

I am sure we all understand that we need not give up our positive attributes in this process. Of course there are many amongst us who fail to realize the difference between vice and a virtue, positives and negatives. In this false belief and lack of proper understanding, we tend to give up what is actually our most valuable asset, the most valuable quality. Those qualities of truth, compassion, honesty and integrity are many a time misunderstood as a weakness. People consider these qualities as a weakness and give it away to embrace the vices like hatred, competition, jealousy and greed.

The reason behind such a mindset of an individual is the false belief that success lies in attaining material wealth. One’s belief of achieving the luxuries of life and such other means of external wellness is actually a misapprehension of success. It is an incorrect definition of success.

What do you want yourself to be remembered as? What are those values that you want your child to develop in his/her growth cycle? You are the one who keep on blaming the government and the judiciary at every step. You are the one who bring the politicians in the stand of an accused when it comes to the issue of poverty and corruption in the country. How clean are you then? Have you been able to give up these negative attributes? At every step, we can ask ourselves such questions to understand what we are doing is correct or not. When we give up our virtues and grace the vices, how many people around us are getting affected? If we have a narrow mindset, perhaps we will not be able to realize the truth or probably we would not want to accept the truth. It is because our brain is clouded with the false definition of success and we are drowned in that disbelief to the extent that we do not want to believe what is right in front of us, which is nothing but the truth. Only a vision is needed.

The above lines of Albert Einstein must be understood in the correct sense. Give up what is becoming a hindrance in achieving your goal. If one talks about achieving success in day-to-day tasks and struggles, then what needs to be given up are:

  • Negative thoughts which develops greed, hatred and anxiety
  • Fear of the unknown which stops you from giving a try at least
  • False definition of success which directs the entire change process in the wrong direction
  • False belief of self-pride which prevents one from realizing own mistakes and embracing others’ positive qualities

Get the definition of success right

All of these points are somehow related to each other when analysed and understood in the right context. When you start moving ahead towards achieving your goal along with keeping these points in mind, success will be tasted in the true sense. You will then start moving closer to what you want to become. Then when you reach that point, what will be the biggest satisfaction is not that success which you have attained, rather the positive qualities that you have won. At that moment, you will have the most valuable treasure with you whose value will be nothing but incalculable.

It is just a matter of changing your outlook towards life. These steps and these ideas can be applied to every action and every situation of life. You yourself will notice the change that has taken place and when we change for good, we need not struggle for anything because things tend to unfold of their own accord.

So decide today itself. What you want to become? What you want to give up? What you want to embrace? These answers will automatically unfold your destiny.

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