Control Your Negative Emotions Today!!!

Control Your Negative Emotions Today!!!Controlling our negative emotions is one of the most daunting tasks in many people’s life. When we talk about negative emotions, we specifically talk about those emotions which develop gloominess and sadness within ones inner soul. These emotions include anger, fear, jealousy, hatred, and so on.

A person in control of these emotions tends to harm others as well as his own self. Just for instance, when a person resorts to anger and hatred, he loses control over self and harms his own state of inner stability as well as others by means of words or his actions towards the opposite person. At some course of time the opposite person resorts to the same means eventually harming the former individual and his own self. Thus the cycle of hatred, anger and bitterness finds no end.

It is hence essential for one to learn and control his negative emotions with a positive attitude and broad mindset. Negative emotions – in higher or lesser intensity – always produce a negative effect only, in some or the other form.

A conscious and regular practice is essential to control these negative emotions in due course of time:

  • Realize the fact that you are constantly falling in control of these negative emotion:

The instance when a situation arises wherein you might have to resort to anger and such related behaviour, you – and actually most of us – do not realize it, and immediately lose control and fall prey to the false emotions. It is hence essential to make a conscious effort and take charge over self. In such a situation before acting out, just wait for 2 minutes and make yourself aware that you are going to give in to the situation and you need to move out fast. For that moment simply pull yourself away from the situation to contemplate and think before acting out.

  • Contemplate over the fact that losing yourself is not worth it

Keep telling yourself that there’s no point giving up your inner peace for someone else’s behaviour towards you. Today you will behave badly and tomorrow that other person will and there is no end. Situations will keep arising every now and then and thus losing it every time is really not a solution. Keep telling this to yourself.

  • Contemplate over the qualities of compassion and forgiveness

Contemplate over this quality of forgiveness to help yourself out of the feeling that you are being intimidated or that things are not working by your way. Forgiving the other person will in return give you a sense of achievement as it is not something that can be done easily. It needs courage; courage to let go off your stand for the inner stability of your own self. So learn to forgive.

Secondly, you will be able to forgive easily once you develop compassion – compassion towards others as well as your own inner self.

  • Keep an attitude that every person is equal

One can show compassion, and forgive only when one understands that every person is equal and that everyone has a scope for improvement. The opposite person should also think for you in the same way is not a point that you can raise. It is your behaviour alone that is under your control. Whether you have to leave the hands of humanity or not is your take alone and cannot be influenced by the ideology of someone else.

Change the way you deal with things and life will change!

Change the way you deal with things and life will change!

The method that I have mentioned above is not something that can be done mechanically. For this practice to become a part and parcel of your everyday routine, you need to strengthen a belief; a belief that every individual is not same and that majority of the time, things will not work as per our will as every person thinks in a different way and that some have the sense of right and wrong and some do not. Hence there is no point losing control of your own self every time you face a difficulty. Sometimes you just need to accept the things positively and move ahead with a belief and a wish that even the opposite person realizes right and wrong and walks on the right path.

I do not say that you just let go and do not deal with any difficult situation. But the exact way to deal with it is necessary to realize. For that, you may check out my article on How to Sort Out the Problems in Day-to-Day Life? and How To Deal With Your Anger?

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