Do we have control over our thoughts?

Do we have control over our thoughts?Thoughts are countless, innumerable. They are constantly running in a helter-skelter manner every minute, every second in our mind. Before we action it out, our thoughts change. Such is the speed of our thoughts. A number of those thoughts are such that simply bypass us and we do not even notice them because of our ability to understand thoughts that last for at least more than a few seconds. Hence, we have limited control over our thoughts. But we can work upon to decide which thoughts must be entertained and which should not be. That decision of ours makes us what we are today.


A man is but the product of his own thoughts – what he thinks, he becomes.

                                               -Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi truly is an example of a person who had control over every thought of his. His vision was clear and that reflected in his character and that was possible because of his thoughts. He directed his thoughts in the right direction and with the right intention. Such magnanimous was his character. An example of which is obvious from the above said lines where he not only said it but also implemented it in building his own persona.

We all have experienced that every day we face a number of problems. We run into conflicts with close ones and relatives. We face a number of problems where we suffer stress, anger, depression, and such negative feelings. The reason is our own thoughts.

I read an interesting line somewhere. It explains that our thoughts turn into actions, actions decide our character and character decides our destiny. Hence, once we control our thoughts, half the battle is won. Thoughts are really powerful. One can make use of a thought in a negative way and put himself in jeopardy. Another person can use his thoughts in a positive way and end up finding a small and narrow way which leads to truth and give his life a meaning.

All that happens in our life has a reason. Nothing happens without a reason. At that moment, we might not realize it but the roots of that action or that event lie somewhere in our thoughts and the actions that arose from our thoughts in the past. Thus in short, what we are today is because of our thoughts. We are happy, then it is because of our thoughts and if we are sad or filled with negative feelings then again it is because of our own thoughts.

So what can be done about it? It is definitely a tough thought to control our thought. It is difficult but not impossible. All you need is a will and regular practice.

Following are some steps which one can implement to try and understand how thoughts affect our character and eventually our destiny as an individual.

  • Give about 5 minutes to yourself before you action out

What one thinks, he becomes. Hence before you action out something, the main idea should be to be alert on what you are doing. Ask yourself the right questions and you will get the right answers. How will this action affect my own qualities? Will it leave behind positivity on my character or will lead me towards a negative attitude? Positivity is a feeling which is free from anger, hatred, and false desires. Your action should be such that others also wish to follow that. Also, your thoughts and actions must not give rise to hatred or jealousy in other person’s mind.

  • Stay in a calm and composed mood every moment

Undue hastiness or excitement every moment is another reason that we do not understand our thought and action it out without even giving it a thought. When one stays calm and composed, he/she is giving complete time to own self to think about the scenario, about the situation and understand it from every point of view while considering the pros and cons of the same. Such calmness keeps you stable from within.

  • Be compassionate and considerate towards everyone

If one is able to assimilate this quality in own self then the first two points automatically develops and one starts acting accordingly. The reason is simple. You can think about your own qualities and other’s betterment only if you are compassionate towards others. Feelings of hatred and anger can never lead to development of your own qualities. Also, by being compassionate one can easily stay calm and composed and need not put in his/her energy to stay that way. With this, what you action out will lead you to truth alone and thus in the correct direction.

Nothing is impossible if one has the will. Hence, working on the above points can bring about significant difference in the way we think and the way we action out that thought.

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Kimmie says September 22, 2016

You have absolutely No control over your thoughts. Don’t get “One’s thoughts and ” One’s actions in a mix” Big difference.

    asknrj says September 28, 2016

    Hello. Thanks for your comments. Would appreciate more light on the same.

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