Have You Ever Thought About The Importance Of Unconditional Love?

When the happiness of another person becomes as essential to yourself as your own, then the state of love exists.                                                                                                                                                                       — Robert A. Heinlein

Unconditional Love is The True Love

We all have somewhere someday read that Love is the food of our Life. Without it, Life has hardly any meaning. Everyone needs love. Everyone searches for love. Even a person, whose outlook of life is defined by his negative deeds, needs love in some form or the other. One can hardly imagine a life without love. Somewhere it is conditional, where it asks for something in return, while somewhere it is unconditional.

Now, Unconditional love is the topic of discussion in this post. Love, which does not ask for anything in return is an Unconditional one. Unconditional love believes in only Giving rather than asking for anything in return. It is the purest form of love which is the need of our life.

In today’s materialistic life, we see love between a husband and a wife, parents and children, between friends, between relatives and in many forms of relations. Not all, but many of them are actually into love which is conditional. In such a love, we have certain amount of expectations from the other person. Fulfilling each other’s needs is the basis of such a love. The day a particular need or expectation of ours doesn’t get fulfilled or remains incomplete our love turns into anger, hatred, depression, ego and every other negative form. This is the negative part or the side-effect of a conditional love.

Unconditional love, on the other hand, believes in giving out everything we have for the happiness of the other person. It doesn’t even give a second thought, but is ready to sacrifice everything in the world for the happiness of the opposite person. In such a love, even if that person receives a negative response from the opposite person, feelings of hatred, anger does not arise. The reason for this is that there is no expectation. This love is not asking for anything in return. Such a love is the purest and the most beautiful form of love.

This is the love which the almighty has for every living being on this land. He is ready to give out everything without even thinking for a while that what he is getting from us. Also, every religion in the world preaches such an unconditional love, as somewhere we all know – even if we do not implement it – that this will alone lead us to the right path in life. We all need to learn to develop that quality within ourselves.

I have mentioned in many of my previous posts that it is very important than we give some meaning to our life. We make it useful for ourselves as well as for others. Unconditional love plays the most important part in this. I know it is not easy, but Not Trying Is Worse Than Failing. We need to continue watering this seed of love on a daily basis and only then it can give its fruits. It is more of a contemplation accompanied with the right thinking in the right direction. With that, we can learn to love everyone unconditionally and even ourselves. That will free us from all kinds of stress and sorrow as we will continue to pray for other’s good even if we do not get anything in return.

Think about it. Do post your views on this.

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Very beautiful article!

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