Hey NRJ, my Name is Faraz Parkar and I am working as a Soft Skills Trainer. I have gone through BIG Five Traits which describes the human personality in 5 different ways and I have trained people on BIG FIVE TRAITS. Through this module I made my trainees understand their current state of personality and need for change. The problem which I am facing is how exactly can I go ahead and measure or do the observation through an observation sheet which says that there is a change in their personality?

Hi. Thanks for your post. I thought about your question and after considerable thinking, I feel that bringing about a change in someone is much more than just an external effort of showing them the correct picture of their own self.

I myself have gone through the BIG FIVE TRAITS. It is very much helpful to anyone who wants to understand their own personality and work upon it. The entire course would serve as a reflection of our own potential as well as the personality. With this test, one can even understand the scope of improvement that the trainee possesses. I do agree that the scope of improvement can change overnight. But here I am talking about the present moment. So overall the course is very effective for one to understand their overall personality.

Where your question is concerned, to check whether there is actually a change or rather an improvement in trainees’ personality, I would suggest that this is possible only through close observation of trainees’ behaviour in day-to-day tasks. This analysis is not possible overnight. But following are some steps that can be taken:

  • Keep a close eye on the behaviour of trainees during their daily tasks and activities

The true assessment of a person’s personality development is only possible by observing their behaviour in their day-to-day tasks. The way they handle situations, the way they deal with their colleagues and the way they approach a task clearly answers the question about their rate of improvement.

  • Conduct sessions wherein the trainees need to discuss different topics and interact more and more with their fellow trainees

You may organize debate or group discussion sessions wherein the trainees need to interact with their fellow colleagues. Such sessions will help you observe their behaviour and attitude. Their points of discussion will clearly reflect their thinking and ideas and thus give you a clear picture of their improvement.

  • Plan out some scenarios or situation without the prior knowledge of trainees

Without the prior knowledge of the trainees, create some situation or an incident wherein the trainees have to react instantly and solve the issue. This would prove effective only when they have no prior knowledge that the entire incident is a false one. The way they control their temper and their level of excitement or anxiety will help you understand their control over their own self.

  • Prepare a monthly questionnaire asking for trainees’ feedback or views on different subjects

A monthly or a fortnightly review would help you assess the rate at which they are able to bring about a change in their own self.


So these are some of the methods which you could deploy for a clear assessment of the progress of your trainees. Also, I would like to add one thing here. From the point of view of trainees, they would be able to bring about a change in themselves only if they have the true will to do it. I agree that on your part, you would be helping them in every possible way so that they can improve, but do remember that only if they really feel that incompleteness in themselves, only then they will actually strive towards that change. I am saying this so that you do not get discouraged in case your assessment results show that the trainees are hardly showing any improvements.

So keep up the good job. Do let me know in case you have any doubts or even suggestions which I could have missed out.

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