Hi, further to your article on building trust, I wanted to know if it is really practical that somebody who has broken someone’s trust will admit it and are the relations strong now-a-days that somebody actually does it. I don’t want the one who has broken my trust to say sorry or admit his/her mistake. I want my relations with him/her to be so trustworthy that the person can freely tell me about the fact and make me understand the situation.

Coming upon the first point; of admitting after breaking someone’s trust; here all I can say is, that it solely depends on that person whether he/she wants to come ahead and confess it or not. That again depends on the ideology and the viewpoint of that person.

Someone who is really truthful with his conscience might as well admit it that he has committed a mistake of some sort which was not expected from him. Also, that does not imply that someone who does not do it is not truthful to his conscience. Every person has a different belief and different way of looking at things. Every person’s relation with every other person is also different. The way he might act and behave with you might not be the same as the way he behaves with others in the same situation. A lot depends on his ideology and understanding of you as a personality and his other external factors that he might consider.

I do not at all mean that you are wrong and that is why he broke your trust. I am simply trying to emphasize on the fact that if someone is not admitting his part to you then that totally depends on the few out of the many factors that I just mentioned above. Also if one person is not doing it that does not mean that relations are not strong enough that no one else would do it. Such a conclusion cannot be called valid in any way. It is purely subjective.

Also, whereas your idea of making your relations trustworthy is concerned, I can say that you need to continue moving ahead with your routine and doing what is right in the true sense. Whether others are free with you or not is their take and thus the ball should be left in their court to decide. For example, in your routine life, your aim should be towards the development of your inner self in every moment; to enhance the qualities of love, compassion and to follow the path of truth. In that process, whether others are finding themselves comfortable with you or not is their take and you really do not have control over that. This is something that cannot be forced and there is really no point in thinking over it that why is someone not comfortable with me.

All I want to say is that keep moving ahead with the sole aim of your inner progress and reducing your expectations for the results. Our various expectations in different scenarios are the root cause of our sorrows. We expect a lot and when that does not get fulfilled we feel sad. Rather move ahead with positivity and freshness from within and reduce your expectations and accept any kind of situation whole-heartedly.

Hope this clears your doubts and queries. Do write back if I could be of any help!

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