How can I learn to think logically and not emotionally?

To think logically, you must first understand the main question that why should one think logically?

When one thinks emotionally, he/she might not be analyzing a situation or the event from every point of view. His/her decision in that scenario could be a biased one. Not only this much, but such a thinking can lead one into a pool of number of problems and difficult situations. In such thinking, one has a particular mindset towards an individual or a scenario, and due to this fixed mindset, things do become difficult for that person many times.

On the contrary, when one thinks logically, he/she is tries to understand every aspect of that situation and after analyzing the pros and cons, the final decision is made. Analyzing the pros and cons in every situation really does not mean that one must always think about his own profit and loss. It is necessary to give due consideration to every aspect and hence every individual’s feelings.

For example, if you get a chance to help someone on urgent basis, then you must consider it along with your other tasks and duties. Thus, logical thinking would require understanding wherever whatever is appropriate and acting accordingly.

Once you understand this, all that is required is practicing it in your everyday life. Change won’t be visible overnight. There will be situations where it will be difficult for you to decide. You can regularly speak to those who know you well and will help you in an unbiased way. Slowly things will change for good if you will be handling things in the right way.

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