How can one improve the overall Quality of Life?

How to improve the quality of life?The foremost requirement for improving the quality of life is the realization that somewhere something is missing in your life. The day we realize and accept the fact that we are incomplete in some or the other sense we must take a stand to work upon that emptiness. We must make a decision, a promise to our own self, “Yes! I want to improve.” Such a determination is what should follow the initial realization that I mentioned.

Once the decision to improve has been made the below mentioned step-by-step actions and ideas must be put into practice in day-to-day life.

  • Define the basic values to be inculcated

I assume that when you think about improving the quality of life, it relates to the values that are to be inculcated from daily life. It should be about the values that should be worked upon to develop the same in your overall personality. Thus you need to understand the basic qualities and values that would help in enhancing your personality and thus life. These values are love, trust, honesty, compassion and humbleness. These values will drive you towards respecting every individual, their ideas and opinions, understanding what is correct and where and acting out accordingly and eventually nurturing your own growth.

  • Introspect over your actions in everyday life

Introspect over every thought and every action you make while you are engaged in your daily duties and activities. A deep introspection will help you identify your negative areas, the ones which act as a hindrance in development of the above mentioned qualities.

  • Ask yourself the right questions

If you are unable to identify your mistakes, the best way would be to look for answers to the following questions:

  • Was your action actually needed in that situation?
  • If it was needed, was it beneficial to others or only you?
  • If it wasn’t beneficial to others, then was there an alternate way in which things could have been worked out?
  • Did that action help you enhance one of the qualities that were mentioned in the 1st point?

Such questions of self analysis will help you find the correct answers only if you are ready to accept the truth. The truth could turn out to be that you are wrong at many places. If you really have the determination to improve, only then you will find the right answers.

  • Learn to forgive yourself

It is very important that one learns to forgive own self. The reason for this requirement is that we all are incomplete and in the process of improving, we might realize that the progress is not that great! We find ourselves making mistakes at every point and on the other hand we have high expectations for our improvement. In such a situation, what could possibly happen is that the individual is likely to get depressed and things can get messed up badly. So learn to forgive yourself. Even if you make mistakes, do not let that overcome your belief which is “I can still improve! I need to move on!” However slow the progress be, it is definitely making a difference somewhere in others as well as you.

  • Be a good and patient learner

Every individual around has some good qualities and some bad. Hence, you can always learn something or the other from every person around. Be an efficient learner. Look forward to understanding the good qualities of everyone and implementing in your own life. This will help you work upon different aspects of your personality. Also patience is a quality which you need to learn in this process. Every action needs its own time to reach its true state. Things cannot change overnight. You need to give enough time to yourself and be patient and thus learn to control your expectations.


The above mentioned points are not some mechanical tasks or ideas that will have to be implemented one by one. Once you develop the true will to improve, you will notice that the right thought and the correct implementation comes up at the right time. Yes, a conscious effort needs to be put in. But with a strong will, you will naturally learn the skill to work upon the above points at appropriate time.

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