How can we make every moment of our life valuable?

Moments of LifeI read this article in a newspaper. It spoke about that one particular moment that each one of us looks forward to throughout the day. That one moment that rejuvenates us, that makes us realize the value of this day and this life, one that gives us a reason to live this life to the fullest.

Reading that article triggers a thought in the mind. Our entire day passes by in meeting the expectations of our own and our close ones. Each day we are struggling to live through that day and get something valuable for our living. Hours and hours pass by and we find that we are still struggling. In childhood and teenage, we struggle in academics, so that we can build up a self-dependent human being out of ourselves. Post-teenage, we struggle to earn a living for our families and ourselves. Around 40s, we struggle to help our children build up a sustainable future for them. And finally in our old age, we struggle to keep our self up as long as we can before we say goodbye to this life.

I am not complaining. All these are our responsibilities towards self or others and I would say that it is important and essential for each one of us to fulfill our duties with integrity and love.

Then question arises that how can we work upon to do something that makes this life meaningful. The above events are bound to occur and things will proceed in that direction. Then is it that this is it? There is nothing more than that? Then the answer is that there is a lot. We just need to be ready to accept it and strive for it. What is actually needed is that strong determination and the desire to find the truth and the truth is that the true happiness does not lie in the worldly possessions but it lies within our own self. We find time for everything but not our own self.

The article that I read mentions the examples of different individuals who say that their best moments of the day are when they are into some activities which they like, in moments when they are alone, in moments when they have their peace of mind, in moments when their mind is free of all sorts of thoughts. All that is there with them in that moment is their own self and that is the moment of true bliss.

From these examples, it is clear that whoever we are and whatever we do, whether are rich or poor, all that we crave for are those moments when we are with our own self.

So, if we know the truth and we want to achieve it then what is stopping us? What stops us is our own delusion that the true happiness lies in the worldly possessions and external entities. Unless we understand this, things cannot change. That change is easy. When we want to achieve some status in society or a post in our jobs, we strive for it. We contemplate for it every moment and we look for individuals who can help us reach that pinnacle.

Same applies to your own self. If one wants to achieve the bliss of own self, what is needed is that strong desire for self. Constant contemplation, meditation and help of that individual who has achieved that bliss are required to reach that pinnacle. We all have somewhere experienced a different feeling when we help someone or when we love someone unconditionally. We feel as if some burden has been lessened from our hearts. We feel relaxed and we enjoy that same bliss of own self. The reason is that love and compassion is our own nature. When we get angry or lose our temper, we experience a heavy heart and a burning sensation within. It is because, that is not our nature and hence we do not like that feeling.

Then, if we understand that we do not want that feeling, then we must rise up for a change immediately. It is never too late for a change. All we need is a determination and a desire to be with oneself in that silent bliss. Same is the case when we are involved in prayer to God. When we pray to God for this oneness with self, we feel that bliss because we tend to become one with the almighty by placing our mind and heart in his feet.

Hence, we all can work upon this aspect of our life to make it more meaningful and make it something more than just birth, old age and death.

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Tommy says November 3, 2012

Thanks for taking the time to post. It’s lifted the level of debate.

yusuf badat says December 26, 2014

Really enjoyed your article I need the motivation thank you

yusuf badat says December 26, 2014

Thank you for the motivation

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