How do I feel motivated in life?

How do I feel motivated in life?I am feeling demotivated. I’ll do that task later. I do not wish to do it anyway. What will I achieve by doing this task? How will it help me? All of these and many more reasoning and such sense of demotivation clouds our minds whenever we have certain tasks ahead of us or we have a responsibility or a duty to be performed.

We are humans and all of us need a motivation to do something in life. Imagine you are sitting idle and all of a sudden you experience tremors around you. You realise that it’s the earthquake and you immediately run helter-skelter to save your relatives’ as well as your own life. So what’s the motivation that made you get back on your feet? It was the urge to save your life; to save yourself from death.

Likewise, for every task we need some or the other motivation to progress. The greatest catalyst for our motivation is truth or reality and the will to embrace that truth. In fact, truth is a catalyst for our motivation as well as it itself is a motivator in many cases.

Truth, in each case would depend from context to context. For Gandhiji, his biggest motivation was his hunger for truth.  Realizing truth was his priority. That truth not only triggered his spiritual aspect but also the social aspect of service to the mankind. That truth triggered his instinct and acted as a motivator to stand against the slavery and atrocities of the British.

For a middle class person, his motivation to work harder and harder is the truth that he needs to support his family and provide them with at least the basic necessities of life; that they should not struggle to achieve the basic needs of life like food, clothing, shelter and education. For a student, the motivation could be the reality that life outside is not as easy as it seems. To sustain there and survive is the biggest motivation a student can have. All those luxuries and convenience that he could be enjoying currently might not stay if he doesn’t make himself able enough to prove his worth.

So how can one stay motivated upon realizing the truth?


  • Embrace the truth

As we discussed earlier, realising your truth and accepting it is the biggest push towards motivating yourself. Would it motivate a farmer if he ignores the reality that his family could get deprived of the basic necessities if he doesn’t take adequate care of the crop? No! Isn’t it? So, realise your truth today and accept it to the core of your mind and heart. Unless you convince yourself of this truth, no one in this world can help you.

  • Set goals

Once you’ve accepted your reality, define your goals. Note them down on a piece of paper. You may simply want to define the near-term goals. No issues with that. Take them one by one. Unless you know your goals, you would not be able to plan towards executing the same. So set your goals.

  • Contemplate over your goal

We humans tend to go lenient towards our duties and responsibilities many a time in life. So we always need someone or something to remind us of our truth and our goals. So make an effort to remind yourself of your own truth and goals. Write them on a piece of paper and keep it in your pocket throughout the day. It will constantly act as an alarm clock for your mind.

  • Try something new for a change

Avoid falling in the trap of monotony. Doing one activity for one cause may sometime make you feel bored. So try something that gives freshness to your mind; something that you like doing and which would bring about a change in your routine. Go out for a walk. Spend time with nature. Spend time playing music or listening to music or simply sitting with your family members and discussing random stuff, or the most effective, meditate.

  • Ask yourself the right questions

Time and again, keep having a small talk with your own self. Ask yourself the right set of questions like:

  1. How long are you going to live?
  2. Is it worth wasting this time and this moment?
  3. Is this action or procrastination going to help you anywhere in the future?
  4. Are you gaining anything in this moment and is this demotivation good for you in long-term?
  • Discuss your goal with someone else

Talking about your goals every now and then with your friends or close ones motivates you to keep walking. It is like a sense of energy or nutrition for your mind. It works instantly and takes you a long way ahead.


Many a time, the need for motivation arises out of procrastination. We tend to procrastinate upon our tasks and responsibilities assigned to us. We choose less urgent tasks over urgent ones and do more pleasurable activities before the ones which are the need for the hour. The above discussed points and ideas very well apply to the question of “how should one avoid procrastination? Or how should one deal with it?”

It is completely fine to feel demotivated and procrastinate. But what needs to be taken care of is to beware of such feeling to conquer your mind and control you. One needs to make every constant and conscious effort to overcome these emotions and keep moving towards the goal because life is about moving and it does not stop for anyone, not even you! So All the Best!

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