How to become a good judge of character?

Before one understands how to become a good judge of character, it is essential that one has a clear understanding of the various aspects of this quality.

Being a good judge of character means to possess an ability or quality to understand someone else in the true sense. Even a person who is not that good at his own overall character might have this quality to judge the opposite person correctly. In such a case, that person understands what is right and what is wrong, but he/she is unable to assimilate those learning in his/her own life. A good judge of character is able to identify the exact nature of people around. By interacting with people, they can make out what sort of individual the opposite person is. In a few interactions, they easily understand the ideas and the positive as well as the negative sides and eventually the overall character of the opposite person.

It is not necessary that they themselves will change and adopt others’ qualities. If they can do that, then it’s really great. But it is not a necessity.

Then how can one become a good judge of character?

To become a good judge of character, learn to accept the truth. It might sound irrelevant. But it is true. If one is not ready to believe in what is right in front of him/her, how can he/she judge it correctly? Consider the following example. For someone who is unable to accept the positive points or qualities of someone else, for such a person, even if the opposite person is saying the truth, he/she will not be able to accept it. For such a person, the opposite person is wrong and lacks correct thinking. Then how can such person be a good judge of character. To be one, you need to learn to accept the truth. Even if you are wrong, accept it. When you seek truth, you will clearly understand what sort of person you are dealing with.

When one learns to accepts the truth, they learn to look at and understand the things and situations in their true form. They can analyze it exactly as either right or wrong. Accepting truth is not easy. It requires putting down your ego and being humble. It needs one to keep an attitude of learning from every aspect of life. All these qualities and actions together make a person a good judge of character.

Also understand that being a good judge of character does not mean that you start criticizing those who have certain negative points in them or that you frame a viewpoint about them. You need to learn to work with them and move ahead with them. If possible, even help them overcome their negative areas. Being a good judge of character should help you to understand what is good for you and what is not. You can use it as a tool to work upon your own negative areas and improve upon them.

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