How to cope with emptiness or dissatisfaction from life?

Dissatisfaction from life!Our life is fully equipped with almost all of the resources we need to survive. When I say all – all I refer to is our basic needs and not our “wants”, for there is truly no end to our “wants”. Even after having all of these resources, at one stage or rather at every stage of life, from within, we feel a hollow, dissatisfaction, as if something is not correct, or as if this is not what we are really living for, and there is much more to this.

This mainly happens in the scenario where our expectations exceed our own potentials. Or perhaps we have the necessary potential yet our expectations needs time to get fulfilled, or majorly when we – in reality – aren’t able to realise the real purpose of our living.

The answer to these questions mainly lie in our own way of living which once altered would be a problem-solver to most of our queries and complaints from life.


  • Act

Simply sitting and thinking over and over would not help. You need to act. Imagine you are standing at the starting line and not moving even an inch. You want to and you are capable of, but you aren’t. Rather you simply think and question, “Why am I not moving? What is stopping me? Why am I such a loser?” So in reality, you are doing nothing but standing there and just thinking. What’s the use of this introspection if you do not act at all! Winning is secondary but the primary task and rather a prime necessity is to act; to make a move; to initiate and take that first step ahead.

  • Develop patience

Now that you have moved ahead, you must learn to keep moving irrespective of your end result. Whether you win or lose, you must move. When you start acting in life with this perspective, you will develop patience and perseverance. In that case, even if you lose somewhere down the line, you have already cultivated the habit of moving ahead and not stopping or looking back. Thus, things might not work as per your expectations, but your attitude persuades you to keep moving and making one or the other efforts, and thus leaving no scope for a hollow within you.

  • Develop an attitude of looking for truth

Truth is difficult to achieve. Your present reality could be your truth but not someone else’s. So one that is not permanent or consistent, hardly can it be called the “real” truth, for truth is no slave of circumstances. Hence, one must not stick his mind on to one truth developing pre-conceived notion towards anyone or anything, and must keep looking for the real truth of this life and our living.

This search would never leave us dissatisfied, for this attitude to keep searching for truth will set us going ahead and ahead, always, thus preventing us from setting a boundary or limit for truth and eventually moving higher and higher in this endeavour.

  • Accept, not Expect

Go about a bit easy on yourself. Of course, setting expectations for oneself always helps motivate one to keep walking towards his goal. But with that, one must even realise one’s own limitations and must realise where to Accept instead of Expecting. At some stage, we need to conform to the situation, and move on with a new zeal. When you are unable to do this, it becomes as if you have handcuffed yourself and now you are pretending as if you have lost the key and thus you yourself are unwilling to release off your professed pain. Thus, it is better to simply accept some situations the way they appear in front of you and later take steps towards moving ahead.

  • Learn to forgive yourself and free yourself of your egos

To forgive is to give and giving is beautiful. Many a time, we forget that we are humans and are bound to make mistakes. Our ego in form of our expectations prevents us from forgiving ourselves and moving ahead in life. So , it is ok to lose awhile, it is ok to not succeed awhile, it is ok to make mistakes awhile, for these mistakes bring out the best in us.

  • Give to Gain

Just imagine a day where you asked for nothing, but engrossed yourself into the act of giving – giving peace to someone, giving food to someone, giving love to someone, forgiving someone, giving your most valuable smile to someone, giving away your ego for someone. Just imagine one such day. If you really try to, you will realise that mere imagining gives you so much bliss, then what would happen when you live each day simply giving and giving. When you make this a purpose of your life, your living shall change, for you’ll be living in the true sense of it. You will be living your own qualities; those real qualities that lie within you but you probably chose to keep them buried till date. This is your true self, your real truth and the day you start living in this manner, shall all your dissatisfaction and emptiness vanish. That day you will stop expecting anything from yourself, for you’ll be content within.

  • Self-content is the true bliss

Whether you reach some great heights or you shatter down to ashes, without self-content one can never feel satisfied.  Even the rich feel dissatisfaction. Why should he when he is loaded with all the resources required in order to lead a luxurious life? It is because of greed. There is no end to greed. The one who has nothing is as greedier as the one who has everything. Then where is the difference? Can mere material wealth and material factors or related worldly emotions and relations fill the emptiness in our lives?

They can only make the external conditions favourable enough to live, but not to sustain in the long run. Hence, self-content is the key. Being content and satisfied with what we have or what we do not have, and being mentally unaffected by our loss or our achievements is called self-content. And the one who has learnt to live that way is truly rich, is truly content, is truly satisfied and thus he is the one who is truly happy.


The crux of the discussion is that one can never be completely satisfied. The real satisfaction is in self and striving towards exploring it and understanding it and thus living it to the fullest for the betterment of that same self and even others.

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