How To Deal With A Conflict With Parents?

How To Deal With A Conflict With Parents?Most of you who are reading this article will find themselves at home because they have at some stage in life gone through phase where they have entered into an argument or a conflict with their parents. We can take the examples of the smallest incidents right from sitting at the dining table for the breakfast, to watching television in the living room or the biggest family matters like business and relationships. We can easily correlate ourselves with these incidents where we fell into strife with our parents.

From all this, one thing is understood that when more than two people are staying together, disagreements and arguments are bound to happen, but what is important to understand is the sense to tackle these issues so that we do not get carried away with them eventually putting our relationship at stake. So here are some key points to be taken care of to tackle these issues smartly.

  • Your Ego is Your Biggest Enemy

One of the biggest causes of any relationship falling at stake is Ego. Very few people understand this and hence it is very much essential for one to make a conscious effort to work upon or curb down his/her ego. When you fall into a conflict with your parents, your sense of self-esteem can do a lot of harm to your relationship with your parents. It is because in that state of ego, you tend to lose the sense of what is right and what is wrong and also that whom you are talking to or interacting with.

  • You can’t be right Always

This can sound something similar to the first point of having ego, but it is not completely the same. Sometimes you might not get hard-pressed under your ego but you simply fail to look at the other side of the coin wherein you could be wrong from a point of view. Hence, it is essential to stay open –minded. In the middle of a conflict or an issue, it is extremely difficult to sustain this mindset but with practise this is something that can be worked upon. Realize the fact that your parents are there for your good and hence try to accept if you are wrong at times.

  • Stay Calm and Silent

Staying calm does not mean that you are losing up or your opinion is being under-estimated. At times, it is essential to stay silent with a view to avoid letting the things go out of your control. Hence it is better to stay calm and let that moment pass away. After some time passes out, you can then come up with what was right and what was wrong. You can then approach your parents, and with a loving and concerned approach, discuss the things with them. They understand you and love you and are ready to hear you out without keeping any bitterness for you.

  • To Pin-Point Mistakes Is a Wrong Attitude at times

One must not keep pointing out others’ mistakes. It is because everyone has their own self-ego like you have. So hurting that will only worsen the situation. So, pin-pointing their mistake is not an efficient way to tackle such family matters. Another side of this attitude is that it might give a negative and a wrong direction to the entire argument thus making the things worse.

  • Learn to Understand Your Parents’ Point of View

Your parents care for you and thus have made certain decisions after taking into consideration certain factors. You could be right from a particular angle, but try and understand the things from their point of view. It is very much possible that they are thinking about your long-term future which you might be neglecting at that moment. Still if you feel that you are absolutely right, then place your ideas in front of them rather than showing an adamant attitude. It is just about the approach you take to get the things on the track.

  • Love is the best medicine

All the above points and understanding needs a backup called Love. When these points are backed up with this medicine, the correct understanding along with the required behaviour mentioned in the above points easily becomes a part of one’s attitude and a forceful approach to achieve that behaviour need not be taken. Love your parents for what they have given you all through their life. Express your gratitude and be thankful. Once you develop this love, then will the issues be tackled in the right manner and in the right direction.

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