How to Deal with Distractions Coming in the way of Success ?

In achieving any goal, distractions would always be there because our mind is so unstable that it keeps wandering around in the whole world and finds it difficult to constantly concentrate on one goal. Hence what is essential in staying strong is our focus. We need to stay focused on what we wish to achieve and there’s no looking back then.

Before going ahead, let’s make one thing clear. For some who might confuse the word “distractions”, with marriage and other such family chores, it’s necessary to understand that these are our responsibilities and not distractions. We’d be deceiving our own self if we think so. Whether we like it or not, we have to fulfil these, keeping in mind our goal that we have set for ourself. So, as I said, focus is important to avoid distraction, this focus requires discipline and regularity in working towards our goal. Such discipline can be achieved by following a step by step process, something like this:

  • The will to achieve something

In order to achieve anything, the most basic necessity is a strong will, a strong commitment made to your own self to reach there where you see yourself. It is this commitment that can serve as a motivation for us to soar heights.

  • Set small milestones and deadlines

Break down your path to success into a number of smaller paths. It is always easy to do that way. If we simply focus on targeting the larger ones, we might somewhere get exhausted and eventually give up in that process. Hence, achieving smaller targets helps us psychologically in terms of a feel good factor of having achieved these targets. These eventually becomes a motivation for us to carry out further tasks.

  • Analyse your progress

Jot down full retrospect of each milestone to avoid repeating the mistakes that you must have committed in the process of achieving earlier milestones. This analysis would even help you understand your strong points and the areas where you could have to put in more efforts ahead.

  • Keep a “Move On” attitude

Do not get stuck up on your mistakes at any stage. Forgive yourself and move on. Do not get depressed and do not let your mistakes become a bottleneck for your progress. There’s always a better opportunity ahead. So learn from these mistakes and move on.

  • Ask for guidance

Do not hesitate to ask for help. It’s ok if you are unable to crack the problem. Everyone needs some or the other support. So stay open to suggestions and positive criticisms.

  • Meditate

Stability and peace of mind is the most essential to accomplish any task in its totality. What’s the use of that success if it couldn’t help you stay at peace? An agitated mind is the most vulnerable one. Meditation calms down your mental state to help it stay strong and bear any force that could come ahead.  It is out of personal experience and thus I’d like to emphasise more on this step. It is in fact a support system that’ll benefit you throughout your path to success and in any endeavour in life. So practise it regularly to see the results.


Thus as we see, an unplanned and unorganised approach to any goal is the most vulnerable to distractions that could put you off your track. Disciplined and regularity helps us stay focused at all times and act as a strong force standing against any kind of obstacle.

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