How to deal with the problem of Depression?

How to deal with the problem of depression?Depression has become a common disease which we find in a number of people around. The figures available of the various surveys conducted globally are sufficient enough to prove this fact. Depression is a mental illness in which the patient generally passes through a phase wherein he/she feels sad, low and helpless.

Such state of mind develops due to a number of reasons like:

  • An incident in the past
  • Conflicts occurring in the family
  • Relationship issues
  • Unexpected results from certain situations in life
  • Prolonged health issues
  • Stress at work
  • Failure to achieve the desired

In short, every action wherein an individual finds own self in a state of helplessness, failure or a breakdown is one which marks an impression on the individual’s mind. The moment the individual goes through such depression attacks, he/she falls into a state of mind which is full of negative emotions, thoughts, ideas and that eventually reflects in the person’s actions, speech and behaviour.

Thus it is necessary that one handles this mental illness consciously and work upon it to overcome the negative ideas and lead a healthy and a peaceful life. Following are some of the ways in which one can overcome or rather eradicate this illness from its roots:


Ways to deal with depression

  • Accept the fact that you are ill

To work upon any kind of illness, one must realize that he/she is ill and how this illness is affecting his/her life and daily activities and interaction with people. It is not that easy. It requires conscious effort to accept one’s own disability to work upon the same. The sooner one understands this, the better is the result. Once you realize your illness, believe in the fact that there is a solution. You might fail hundreds of times, but that belief should not be brought down by those failures.


  • Avoid falling in situations which can trigger such attacks

This is a temporary solution which can help one in the initial stages. Initially it is very difficult for a depression-prone person to control or even understand his own thoughts. In such a situation, it is better to consciously keep yourself aloof from the events or situations which can push your mind back into the thought process which can trigger the depression in you. This is useful till the time you become strong enough to handle such situations.

  • Reduce your over-expectations

This is one of the major causes of depressions. We have built up a number of expectations from life. When those expectations do not get fulfilled, we feel sad, low and we feel as if we are the biggest losers or failure. Such negative contemplation eventually clouds our mind with negative thoughts about others as well as our own self. Thus, we need to reduce our false or over-expectations from life. Learn the quality of acceptance; that whatever comes ahead  greet it positively and accept it as it is and move on.

  •  Spend time with nature

This is extremely beneficial for a person whose mind is clouded with any kind of negative thoughts or emotions. Nature has the power to assimilate every kind of negativity in its own self. Thus a walk with the nature will help you  stay fresh and stress-free. Exposure to open air will help you divert your mind towards the positive ideas of life which will automatically strengthen your will to control your feelings and prevent your mind from falling into negative moods.

  • Consult an expert medical professional

There are a number of anti-depressants available in the markets which are normally prescribed by a medical practitioner to help one come out of the state of depression. As a personal opinion, I would like to mention that depression is something that goes around in your mind. It has something to do with your own thought process, mindset or ideas. Hence, natural and conscious understanding can be considered as a permanent cure to this illness. I do not say that one should skip or leave away the antibiotics. They do play their role in curing this illness. But for a permanent result, one needs to work upon one’s own outlook of life and thus the overall thought process.

  • Interact with people who are more positive in nature

Regular interaction with positive or optimistic people can also help you overcome the depressed feelings. Their ideas, thoughts and their opinions can help you; motivate you to become one of them, thus leaving aside your own negative ideas. In event of a stroke, do try and speak to them or seek their advice on the negative emotions that cloud your mind. Their outlook or perspective of life should be a motivation for you to work upon your own shortcomings.

  • Exercise regularly and analyze your food habits

People say that if your body is healthy, your mind automatically turns healthy. A regular work out or a daily jogging is effective enough to keep your mind fresh. It makes room for optimistic ideas and thinking. So spend time with exercises like cardio, yoga or just a walk for about an hour or so daily. Along with exercise, check your food habits too. Look upon having a nutritious and a healthy food rather than something with a high satiety value alone. A proper combination of exercise and good diet would help you stay healthy and fresh and reduce lousiness and tiredness.

  • Get involved in activities that arouse positivity

Truth, compassion, love and social service or extending a helping hand to someone is a positive gesture or emotion. Getting involved in such activities will not only keep you engaged in a particular activity leaving behind negative thoughts but will also give you a sense of positive achievement or development of quality within you which will help you control your own feelings, your own thoughts and make you strong enough that you will not need the help of the 2nd point that I made in this article.


Thus these are some of the many points which can help one cure depression from the roots and that too naturally. Again, medicines can be consumed as per the practitioner’s prescription. But along with those medicines, one needs to make conscious efforts to bring about a change in own self.

Such a change that will turn up will be a permanent one and will be one which will make one strong enough to withstand any kind of storm in life. In case you have any more suggestions apart from the ones mentioned above, do post them so that all of us can benefit from them.

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