How To Prevent Yourself From Falling Into Conflicts in 5 Ways

Avoid falling into a conflict with people in 5 waysYou may have noticed it many times in your life especially at your work, at home or somewhere outside with friends, that unknowingly your talks, your discussions and suggestions turn into a fierce argument and quarrels. Many times people fall into a quarrel or an argument with those whom they don’t even know. It could be with a cab driver, a bus conductor or a maid at home. You keep on getting into unnecessary conflicts at every moment.

So here I am going to jot down a few points that one can keep in mind during their interaction with people on a day-to-day basis to avoid any kind of small and petty conflicts with people around; be it at your workplace, your home or while walking on the road. These small steps or rather keeping these small points in mind can help you a lot and make your daily interactions more amicable and less bitter.

  • Learn to be a good listener

You must have noticed that a number of times, the quarrel and arguments occur due to some misconception or due to knowing of half truth which is much dangerous. Thus, when you interact with people remember to listen carefully. It is not necessary that one always have to place an opinion or talk at every point. When one listens carefully, he/she is acknowledging the opposite person and understanding opposite person’s ideas in total.

  • Learn to accept own mistakes

At times we put our ego in the front and do not realize that it is actually our own mistake. Hence, be cautious or rather self-critical every moment. I do not say that keep on blaming yourself every moment. But be cautious about your own mistakes and don’t hesitate to say sorry if you are wrong. This will prevent a fierce quarrel that can occur.

  • Put aside your ego

This is something which most of us find difficult.  Each of us find it difficult to put aside our ego and that creates a lot of mess. Even if we are wrong, it is our ego that prevents us from accepting what is correct.

  • Have a humble and generous personality and mind your usage of language and words.

Your generous and humble attitude is enough to melt the heart of the opposite person. With such behaviour in life, the opposite person would never want to fight with you at any condition. Also secondly, words make a lot of difference. Your usage of words creates an impression about you in the opposite person’s mind. Hence, make use of soothing and good words which puts the opposite person at ease. Truth can be conveyed with nice words also. It does not necessarily needs the help of harsh words or such language.

  • Observe people and accordingly behave

This is one of the most important and the final point I will be putting out here. Your daily interactions with people around tell you a lot about their overall nature. That will give you an overall idea of whether you should actually go ahead with telling them or explaining them something. Accordingly you will have to take a call on whether you should involve yourself in a discussion with them or not; especially discussions which are likely to lead you towards a quarrel. So do observe people when you interact with them. Observing them does not mean you should develop false opinions about them. That’s a wrong thing. It’s just that you should understand the other person’s nature and behave accordingly. Also, while walking on the streets and while coming across unknown individuals, if at all you get into an argument, then do look forward to settling up the things at least from your side. Learn to let go off such issues as it will be better for you and also for the other person. Getting into unnecessary conflicts will be of no help. So learn to let go especially when interacting with strangers.

Thus all of the above methods are somewhere an effort to improve our own personality which will eventually prevent you from falling into conflicts and quarrels with the people with whom you interact on daily basis.

A conscious practice of these virtues will help you become a better human being in general.

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