I am unable to stop myself from feeling low when I think of other people who have achieved a lot in life. How can I work upon this negative feeling of mine?

If looking at other person’s achievements and abilities makes you feel low for yourself, then you are not only being jealous of that other person, but you are even hindering your own potential to achieve great heights.

It is easy to understand in the following way. If looking at others’ achievements makes us feel low for ourselves, then our mind is thinking in somewhat the following way:

  • We mark those achievements of other person as a benchmark for ourselves.
  • Our focus starts moving from our own plus points and qualities.
  • We start putting in efforts simply to become what that other person has become.

Every person is different, have different qualities and plus points, and every person has different priorities and ideas. What is good for someone else might not be beneficial for us.

Think about your own qualities

When you fall in a situation where you feel low after thinking about other people’s achievements in life, turn your eye towards your own plus points. Please note: I am not saying that start comparing yourself with that other person. This will develop a sense of jealousy and negativity in terms of false pride for own self.

To turn an eye towards own qualities means realizing own plus points and strengths. You may be having certain specific qualities of your own using which you can work upon achieving a lot more than what you feel after thinking about other people.

Have a humble attitude towards those who have achieved a lot

Instead of feeling low about yourself, have a humble attitude towards those who are successful. This will free you from the clutches of jealousy and negativity and even help you understand the qualities of those people. In this way, you will learn to inculcate the qualities that other people have and wish for their success ahead.

Do not let others’ achievements become a benchmark for you

When you crave to achieve something that others have achieved, you are constantly contemplating and striving to achieve that much. You prevent yourself from widening your horizon, exploring more and eventually achieving more.

So all you need to do is learn from others’ achievements, understand your own potential, work upon your qualities and implement your learning in your own self-development. You may check out this article on What are those Great Things that we want to do in our Life? It will provide you useful information that can help you clear your doubts.

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