I have achieved everything that I wanted from life. But I still feel that I am not happy.

Our desires are never ending. One ends and the next pops up. Throughout our life we keep craving for more and more, but our wishes and our desires never end. This is not just your case, but most of us are in the same boat. We wish for one thing. When that wish gets fulfilled, we wish for another one which is higher than that. Every person wants to achieve a stage higher than his current one. Hence, one who feels he has achieved everything is constantly craving for the next higher level. In this way, our life ends but our desires do not end.

True happiness lies in contentment and satisfaction; satisfaction in whatever we have; satisfaction in whatever we have been able to achieve. When we feel satisfied, that is the real happiness. When you do not achieve such a state of contentment, you keep running ahead to fulfill your wishes. In that race, you pass through feelings of hatred, anger, false pride and other such negative emotions. We can very well understand that such feelings can never give us happiness. Thus you feel unhappy even after achieving everything you wanted.

Also think about this point. How can you expect permanent happiness from something that is temporary? Whatever you must have achieved till date is definitely not permanent. Time changes, and with time also changes the situations and events. Also, when you achieved all of these worldly possessions, you even developed a sense of fear within yourself. Fear of losing this property that you have. How can fear and happiness go hand in hand? It cannot.

So with all these points, you must have understood that the true happiness lies in self – satisfaction. It does not mean that you must refrain from your daily activities. You should fulfill them with integrity, but with a view of fulfilling your duties and not your desires. When you start acting in this manner, you will be contented in true sense.

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baidu says November 9, 2012

good idea ,i like it.

Codedguru says October 2, 2013

First of all i will say a big thanks to this autor for help me out of my emotional problem.

I found alot of truth in this post and it heals and repair me.

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