If one faces some kind of insult on the street or in a public place, then how should he react to such a situation?

When a person falls in a situation wherein he faces some or the other form of insult on the street or in a public place, the major factor that drives that person’s actions and eventually the entire scene is the ego of the individuals involved. First of all I would like to make one point clear that if one is actually right and he feels that he has been insulted on the street, then it is that person’s ego which is bothering him.

He is unable to let go of the issue there itself to keep his own self stable, calm and at ease. In every walk of life, one must aim towards maintaining a stable inner state. Getting easily influenced by the external factors and losing your temper and throwing your wrath upon the surrounding people won’t help you in any way. Hence if one is right on a particular point and still faces resistance from the opposite person on a street, I would suggest to let go off the issue with an idea of preventing the argument to convert into a fierce quarrel. One must let go of the stand that his point must be heard upon if he is right.

It is because everyone does not think in the same way. Every person has a different ideology of life and hence their sense of differentiating between right and wrong might differ. Thus, if you ever face resistance on the street even after you are right then, do not let your ego overcome your stable state. Let go of the issue in a positive way. Do not think that it would be an insult if you do not defend yourself in front of hundreds of unknown people. Trust me no one really cares. Your false belief that the resistance is an insult would only make the situation worse in case wherein the opposite person remains adamant. Hence, it is better to forget the issue there itself and move on with your routine tasks.

Also one point to be noted here is that depending on the criticality of the situation, you might have to decide upon how much you should argue, till what level you should argue and till what level you should take up the entire discussion. If you feel that your right point can help one realize the truth and if you think that it is your moral duty to put your opinion ahead and that too without letting your ego be the driving factor to do so, then I would suggest you must place your point and go ahead.

The moment you stop letting your ego become the driving factor for the entire argument, you start learning the skill to control yourself and understand where what and how much is necessary. You yourself will then stop giving importance to the ideas about “insult” and “he is wrong” and “I am right”. That does not mean you need to overlook the truth. As I mentioned above, once you give away your ego, you will act according to the situation in the correct manner.

Somewhere you might have to budge in and somewhere it will be better to just let go of the issue and also somewhere it will be beneficial to let go of at a particular stage after you budge in. Making these decisions at the moment of a quarrel is not that easy. It is possible only when a person truly detaches himself with the false idea of insult and driving forces like ego. Hence, until such a state is achieved, one can try to avoid falling into such conflicts on street or one must leave away the issue than giving it importance.

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