Is being fat something one should be ashamed of?

Obesity is definitely not advisable and we all understand that to some extent. If a person is obese, it is he who is responsible for this. Hence one must definitely regret for this state where he/she has reached. This regret should turn into a positive motivator for that person to stand up for bringing a change in own self.

Is obesity something one should be ashamed of?Whatever has happened cannot be changed. But one must not sit with it and stop thinking about the future. We can always bring about a change in ourselves and in our lifestyle. We are completely independent to do that. Hence, that regret must motivate us to work upon our health and cut down our obesity. The regret should be for the right reasons with the understanding that obesity can in near future lead to several health disorders related to heart. It also leads to diabetes, tiredness and many other side-effects.

Hence, he who is obese must plan out his eating habits and start working out regularly to work on his obesity. Regular Jogging and cardio is required for this along with improving on the eating habits. A proper and regular nutritious food is a must. Junk food and such unhealthy foodstuffs must be avoided.

Thus at the end, all I want to emphasize on is that if one is fat but understands the health issues associated with it, then he must start right away without wasting time and instead of contemplating on it and falling into a state of depression, he must take it upon him to bring about a change for the right reasons and in the right direction.

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