Is it good to be known as an opinionated person?

Is it good to be known as an opinionated person?It is good to have an opinion of something. Having fallen in a situation where you need to place your points and your ideas, you must do it. You can call such a person as opinionated. Not giving an opinion at certain times is also in a small sense being opinionated. It is because the person being influenced by a particular reason does not feel the need to place an opinion at that particular time.

Thus in general or rather in a bigger sense we can assume that it is a good thing to have an opinion and be opinionated. But now let us understand the small points of negligence that most of us forget about and develop a false idea of being opinionated.

If someone is placing his/her opinion in certain situations and that opinion is driven by a sense of false-pride, an idea of increasing one’s own importance or even with an ego or an adamant attitude of sticking to one’s own point of view, then such an attitude cannot be called as being opinionated or rather this would be a false perception of being opinionated.

We will come across a number of people who simply want to stick to their ideas or point of view. They are not at all willing to bend down if at all there are proved to be wrong. Their sole purpose is to display their influence on others. Many others might not be placing their opinions with such intentions, but they are so stubborn that they fail to think beyond their self-created boundaries. Even they cannot be called as ones who are opinionated.

True idea of being opinionated is being humble. One whose ideas and opinions are driven and influenced by truth and not mere emotions of self-pride are the ones who can be called opinionated in true sense. They would be placing their opinions with a view to benefit others as and then self or vice versa as required and wherever applicable. At certain times, even if they are wrong they would sportingly accept their mistakes and work upon their false-beliefs to search for what is truth.

They would be placing their opinions to enlighten. They would be ready to accept positive ideas from everyone around and keep others’ interests in view before taking any decision. I would call such a person as one who is opinionated. Such should be the character that all of us should be craving for and striving to achieve the same.

As I mentioned at many places, everyone is not perfect. We all have some scope for improvement. So if we realize that we are missing out on this aspect of our personality then we must starting working upon it right away. For that:

  • Learn to be a good listener
  • Keep an open mind when making decisions
  • Place opinions that not only benefit you but also others
  • Place your opinions with humbleness
  • Keep an attitude of accepting criticism and suggestions

Thus I hope we agree with this definition of being opinionated. This is an important aspect of our personality and plays an important role and building our overall character.

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