Life Does Not Stop For Anyone, It Just Goes On!

Life Does Not Stop For Anyone, It Just Goes On!There was someone in some corner of the world who was a very lively person. He always wanted to live life to the fullest. He used to search for love and happiness in every event and at every stage of life. He always wanted to stay happy and his overall attitude was to keep everyone happy and live in cohesion with everyone. He craved for a life which is simple, which is full of happiness and where he would see himself amidst his loved ones and those whom he considered close enough to play an important role in his life.

Friends used to love him for his simplicity and innocence, and family members also wished for his well being. He always had a fear in his heart that he might lose those who are close to him. He used to get shaken up with the thought that someday he might not find his relatives and friends around. He never wished for the luxuries of life which usually every human being craves for. The reason behind this attitude of his was his priorities in life. He gave importance to relationships and human bonding much more than money and such other worldly possessions.

One day, something happened that brought about a form of gloominess in the life of that person. Things changed. Something that was unexpected happened. He did wish the best for others, but he had some other expectations also for himself which did not get fulfilled. Time passed by and things changed once again. He started getting back to normal. What happened in the past was just a passing phase. Time healed the wounds and the emotions which were hurt.

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

                                                    -Robert Frost

This person described above is just an imaginary one. I do not know him nor do I intend to hurt anyone’s feelings. From the life of this above mentioned imaginary figure, I only intend to focus on what his life teaches us; that life never stops for anyone. A young lad who craved for his dream job never got one but he got on the track smoothly with time; a woman craved for an ideal husband but tied knots with someone else who was actually opposite, but things became normal and she is much happier today. This is the case with all of us. We think something, we crave for something, in fact we strive for something, but eventually we land up into something else. Same is with the person described above; that he craved for happiness but he faced something unexpected and things changed, yet later his wounds were healed with time.

Those who give time to their selves, cross this dilemma of life, but those who are stuck on it, do not achieve anything. They have no other option but to move on because that is the fact of life. Let’s understand this with a simple example. Suppose we got on a job and we earned a responsibility of a task. The day we leave that job abruptly without prior intimation, someone else takes upon that responsibility. So basically things did not stop. That task used to go on before us and it will go on after us too because no one person is driving that task alone and things will not stop because of that one’s absence.

Thus life goes on and things get back to normal only if we give some time for things to settle. Thus once we understand this fact of life and once we start walking ahead with this ideology, we will realise that we are much happier than before. We will prevent ourselves from getting overwhelmed by our emotions and flowing in its stream and entering a state of sadness.

The reason why we feel sad and overwhelmed by our feelings is because we are unable to accept the change or that which was unexpected. We become stubborn and firm on what we want and what we expect. The day we set this attitude loose, we will find ourselves happy because we shall stop putting ahead the condition that our expectations must be fulfilled and we get what we want.

Thus our false expectations are the root cause of the problem. Even in one article, we had mentioned that Attachment Leads To Unhappiness. It is very important to clearly understand this point. Love is actually different than attachment. Pure love does not expect anything from anyone and it learns to accept what comes ahead. From all these examples and discussion, one must understand what exactly the lesson of life is.

The quote that life goes on is the fact that we need to accept and implement within ourselves, and with that all wounds will heal up and we shall find ourselves in a much better state. Think upon it!

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enjoy your life,life is short

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