Mother! You are the one who brought me into this world; not just that but you protected me in every walk of life. I cannot stay away from you; I cannot stay without seeing you in front of me. Mother! You are my life, you are my world, you are my soul and my identity is by you and for you.

I am no one without you and I am helpless without you; please do not leave me alone. I am afraid of this outside world and I cannot face it without your presence and support. So mother! Please do not leave me alone. I love you and you know it, right! Mother I know I have been undisciplined, so punish me but do not leave me, please, do not leave me!

This is what the child in this song wants to tell his mother. He is afraid, and he feels unsecured and unsafe without his mother. He just wishes that somehow his voice could be heard by his mother and she could come back to take him along with her and not leave him alone to face this world. This is the feeling which every child in this world goes through. And why not! She is the one who protects the child and assures him that he is safe and he need not worry about anything.

It is the mother with whom the child is most attached to and hence she is the most important part of his life. I am sure all of us reading this would find ourselves intimate with these feelings. We all have gone through it and we all want our mothers to be with us in every walk of life.

This one is for every child and every mother!!!

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