Marriage and The Changing Society

Marriage and The Changing SocietyIn an article, I came across this line which mentioned marriages being made in heaven. This directs the thought towards the plight of marriages in today’s society. The society today has definitely changed a lot. When we compare the success rate of today’s marriages with those around 20-30 years back, this change becomes more apparent.

This throws light on the direction in which the society today is moving. Change is inevitable and we all know it. We might not be ready for that change, but still it cannot be avoided. It is we who define the limits of this change and its impact as well as good or bad effects in our lives. Thus, if we speak about the plight of marriages in society we will understand that in which direction we have triggered the change in society and how it has affected our social and personal lives.

It cannot be neglected or denied that the number of failed marriages in the society is increasing. Every day we see the news pages and TV channels flooded with stories about marriage failures and the dreadful results of some marriages. Marriages are made in heaven, we keep reading it. But it is we humans, who are downgrading the status of marriages in society.

Marriage is a formal and official agreement made between individuals who love each other. But we ourselves are to be blamed when we see this love being overtaken by feelings of jealousy, hatred, anger and acts of domestic violence. So what is it that has lead to such a mournful plight of marriages?

Below are some of those reasons:

  • Increased expectations of married individuals

In this fast changing society, with expectations and ambitions of married individuals piling up day by day, their relationship fails to find a strong base to sustain. Increasing ambitions and expectations leads to increase in their egoistic behaviour and eventually reduced will to compromise to make their relationship successful.

  • Lack of communication between married individuals

Communication breaks all the barriers between any relationship and not just marriage. Lack of communication is a major catalyst that leads to failures in marriages. When married individuals are unable to express themselves completely, it acts as a fuel to their misconceptions. With increased ambitions and in this fast paced life, where married individuals are unable to devote sufficient time to each other, communication gap is bound to widen.

  • Lack of will to compromise

No relationship can succeed without compromises. When two individuals from different backgrounds, with different ideas get bonded into a relationship, it is evident that clashes are bound to occur. But the essence of the relationship can still be maintained. Some call it adjustments and some compromise and some call it an agreement. Whatever the name is, without such compromises things will become difficult. With slight understanding, one can always maintain that freshness in your marriage.


Thus keeping the above points in consideration, we ourselves can analyze and understand that in which direction is today’s society moving in. The society alone is nothing. It is the individuals who make the society and hence it is we who are giving our lives this direction.

We need to consider examples of our elders and our parents and that society which existed around 30 years back. That society was not an advanced one, but they did manage – in whichever form – to make such relationships successful. I am not against progress or advancement. But then we as responsible individuals need to understand the definition of progress and need to define its limits in our lives.

How can one let such advancements overcome their basic beliefs and values? And in fact, it is not this progress which has hampered our thought process; rather it is our false perception of this progress that brings us into such a situation. Progress is necessary and is good and we need to understand its true form to live with it, use it for our benefit and not for getting our relations into such state.

All I can say is that each individual needs to contribute his part for uplifting the status of marriages in society. If situation worsens in future, then we alone are to be blamed for this. Our intentions and our ideas which turn into actions will determine our path and eventually the results that we live with.

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