One of my close friends has invited me to his party. At that party, there will be some other people too whom I don’t like or with whom I am unable to make up. Should I attend the party even in that case?

Yes, I’ll say you must. There is no reason that you should skip it. Your friend has given a party for a purpose; for involving all his friends in his celebration. If you look from your friend’s point of view, if he invites you and avoids those other people whom you don’t like, then it will be unfair on his part. If you are unable to make up with some people then that does not mean that your friend should also choose between those other people and you.

I am sure that you yourself do not want your friend to take such a stand and your question is about your involvement. So here you even need to consider your friend’s perspective which I just mentioned. If your friend has some basic expectations from you then you must respect his feelings and attend the party for your friend.

Also, there will be many other people at the party. It is not necessary that you face those people only whom you don’t like. You can interact, spend time and socialize with others too.

And as always, here too I would suggest looking at things from an open point of view. Just think! You have certain differences with those few people whom you don’t like. Understand that every person has some weaknesses and negative points. Even you must be having some. Rather than breaking up with people due to such incompatibilities, take it positively and work upon your differences.

May be in your case, you don’t like someone because of their wrong behaviour towards you. But understand that your right attitude and approach can change them. So take this party an opportunity to make up with those people. A conscious and positive approach towards handling situations can help all of your understand each other better.

Nevertheless, whether you want to take an initiative to making up with them or not is your call. I would suggest that you must attend your friend’s party for his respect and your friendship. Just because you don’t like someone else, you cannot create new differences with your closed ones. So just go ahead and enjoy the party.

Hope this helps. Do write back in case of any doubts or clarifications.

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