Please suggest how can I behave more consistently around my friends?

First of all, why do you wish to behave more consistently around your friends? The fact is that it is not possible for anyone to do that because every person is different in nature, has a different ideology and accordingly perceives every other person differently in  different situations. Every mind is different, every thought in that mind is different and thus you will find that one person will have problems with you and the other is your best friend.

Hence what is essential for you or any other individual is to be what you are. That does not mean you continue to behave wrongly even if you are wrong. I mean to say that start exploring your own positive attributes today. Realise your qualities and behave with a view to enrich them and to nurture them. Appreciate your qualities, and accept and rectify your shortcomings. By holding onto the one good quality in you, try developing every good quality possible and behave consistently in accordance with them – in a way that these qualities of yours are not compromised and such that your friends also take inspiration from your nature and behaviour. So just believe in those positive attributes of yours and behave accordingly.

When you start acting in this manner and with this mindset, you will realise that you need not really think about what others will think of you. You will become more open minded than before.

Even after that, if you feel your friends do not value your company or want you to behave differently, then all I can say is “Do not mind.” You just need to move on and believe in yourself, as what others think is really not in your hands. Let them think their way; you simply need to act in the way mentioned above and you will soon realise that you have stopped bothering about the question of this article, i.e. whether you are acting consistently around your friends or not.

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