Poverty is eating up today’s society

Poverty is eating up today's societyThe society has always been beset by various evils. Evils like crime, unemployment, caste discrimination corruption have always prevailed in the society. Upon thinking deeply, we will realize that the roots of these and many other evils lie somewhere else. That is Poverty which becomes unseen in front of the visibly prevalent crime and employment. But poverty is the mother of these evils.

Poverty is a state wherein an individual is not only insufficient in terms of financial status but this insufficiency deprives him social status that he deserves. Basic needs of any individual in the society are food, clothing, education and shelter. This poverty in terms of financial status does not come alone. It deprives an individual from the most basic needs which is education.

Education shapes an individual’s entire life. It gives him an idea about life, and directs it in the right direction. It gives him a freedom of thought. It helps him open up his ideas, make an opinion and even helps him decide whether that opinion is correct or not. It gives him a feeling of being an equal individual of the society. Thus it not only serves as a means to support the family, but also helps him broaden his overall outlook of life. It is poverty that deprives him of this essential need of life and eventually denies him equal social status.

This is how poverty affects his financial as well as social status. Economic Inequality is another reason for the increase in poverty. With increasing economic inequality, the social gap between the rich and the poor is widening. As a result, not only the communication gap between these two sections of society is widening but also the difference in their understanding is increasing. This way poverty develops a social as well as a form of psychological difference between the different sections of the society. Here we need to understand that, whether we accept or not, the poor are equally a part of the society. They too represent the society in one way or the other. Hence the rich and the poor are the two faces of this society.

Another reason of this social and economic inequality is Corruption. The increasing greed for money and material wealth will only lead to corruption. The poor is in no way uninfected from this disease. Either they themselves succumb to this corruption or they become a victim of this corruption. In fact, they are the ones who are the most affected by this disease.

A number of surveys and research on the web are sufficient enough to put one into a shock state on knowing the fact that how corruption is eating up this society and especially the poor. Thus the condition of the poor becomes more and more vulnerable. Rich becomes richer and the poor turns poorer.

Poverty is the parent of revolution and crime.


For personal benefits, the benefits of the poor are being snatched away. These poor people eventually either give in to the exploitation or either commit acts of suicide or turn towards the path of crime. The reason that crimes have increased in today’s society is this poverty. Extortion, blackmail, rapes, robbery and such other criminal practices are somewhere a result of the psychological difference that has become apparent in the society.

Crime is definitely not a solution to their problems. But we need to understand that it is we who have forced them to fall down to such level.

Thus the entire system is responsible for the poverty that is prevalent in the society. The sad part of it is that hardly any measures are being taken to eradicate this evil.

Being unwanted, unloved, uncared for, forgotten by everybody, I think that is a much greater hunger, a much greater poverty than the person who has nothing to eat.

                                                    -Mother Teresa

Thus if we are the ones who have fuelled this face of the society, then it is we who will have to trigger that change, that revolution. It is we who can break these psychological differences and make the poor realize that we all are together a society and we have to move along hand in hand for its true progress. Progress in terms of attaining material wealth is only temporary and external one. The true progress of a society takes its shape when every individual is granted equal rights and equal opportunities; where every individual has the freedom to love, freedom to speak, and freedom to work upon their own upliftment.

Such a society must be corruption-free and with that alone it can prove beneficial to the lower as well as the upper sections of this society, thus eventually breaking this wall between the two sections and treating them as equals.

Change is completely in our hands and it cannot be brought about alone. The entire system together needs to work upon to trigger it.

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Siddhartha says September 27, 2013

If we seriously desire for a corruption-free society, decent political atmosphere, has to put genuine commitment at our own end, as you know most of the communities (such as Bengali or Tamil) in this sub-continent are covered by ‘Culture of Poverty’ (hopelessness), irrespective of class or economic strata, lives in pavement or apartment. Nobody is ashamed of the deep-rooted corruption in this society at heart, decaying general quality of life, bad Politico-Governance, poor work place, weak mother language, continuous consumption of common Social Space. We love to become parents only by self-procreation (mindlessly & blindfold supported by lame excuses, driven by the very animal instinct) depriving their(the children) fundamental rights of a caring society, fearless & dignified living. Never search for other positive alternative gesture, adopting reasonable values for a passionate way of parenthood, deliberately stop giving birth to any child him/herself here till it improves up to the mark, co-parenting children those are born out of extreme poverty, instead. Introduce reasonableness in way of life among Commoners. If a pure freedom is desired, from vicious cycle of poverty, rotten capitalism need to involve ourselves in ‘Production of space’ movement, quality Politics would certainly come up. – SB, 16/4, Girish Banerjee Lane, Howrah -711 101, India.

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