Good Morning Snore Solution Device Review – Is It One Of The Best Mouthpieces

Product details:
Type: TSD
Price: 1 - $99.94
2 - $64.97 (per item)
Use coupon SPRING10 for 10% discount. Expires April 25, 2016
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Rank: Top Choice
Material: FDA-compliant BPA-free Latex-free medical-grade resin
Govt. Approval: FDA Cleared,
Health Canada,
European Commission and Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration Approval
Clinical Studies: Yes
Longevity, Months: 12-24

The Good Morning Snore Solution is a fantastic mouthpiece.  At first look, it seems to be just another strange looking anti-snoring device; however, upon further investigation and testing it quickly became one of my go-to devices.

It is safer in the way that it functions; it holds the tongue instead of pushing the lower jaw forward like other mouthpieces.  I was using it immediately, it is ready to use right out of the box.

Holding onto the tongue while sleeping was surprisingly more comfortable than I thought it would be since there is nothing big and bulky inside my mouth while I sleep.

How it works

The GMSS is a TRD (Tongue Retaining Device) as opposed to the countless MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) products I have tested over time.  There is no need to insert it into my mouth and have it attach to my jaw, it functions by grabbing onto my tongue and holding it forward while I sleep.

The GMSS directly controls the tongue itself so it cannot slip to the back of the throat and create vibrations which lead to snoring.  The cause of snoring for me personally is because of this, and surprisingly over 80% of snorers suffer from the same reason.  If you are one of the majority, there is a very good chance this product will work for you as well.

There is no setup necessary for the GMSS, which allows me to use it straight out of the box.  Typically, other anti-snoring mouthpieces known as MAD devices require a boil and bite method to custom fit them to my jaw.

After a period of time if you use this method over and over it can degrade the material on the device.  The GMSS is not affected by any of this since it requires no setup, hence no material is compromised.

How does the design of the GMSS make it stand out?

Looking at the product after I received it, I wanted to examine it before using it to see what made it so different.  First, there is a little tip on the front of it which I would use to insert into my mouth.

This tip has a suction cup that sucks onto the top of my tongue to hold it in place during the night.  Part of the device will be on the outside of my mouth and part of it inside, almost like a pacifier.

The outer part will sit between my teeth and my outer lips, and the inner part that fits inside my mouth is very tiny.  A big difference compared to what I am used to.

I can see how this is a one size fits all device, there are no measurements, custom fitting, or adjustments needed.  Initially I believed that a MAD device would be more effective, but studies have shown that TRDs are just as effective and users had less apneic events throughout the night.  A 5-year study of TRD devices showed very positive results, over 61% of patients were found to have had a decrease in snoring.  Those are very impressive results, and the device is clinically proven to work.

While MAD devices are more common, they also require more care.  They need to be adjusted, fitted and sometimes refitted, and can also cause pain during the period your jaw is becoming used to the device.

They can also be big and bulky and feel invasive or intrusive.  TRD devices eliminate these problems.  All the negatives associated with a MAD do not appear with a TRD.  There are no adjustments, no jaw pain since there is no pressure on my teeth and my jaw is not extended, and there is no special care needed.

There is no pressure placed on the lower jaw, so there is no risk of soreness, and no risk of causing TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder), or if you already have this condition, no risk of making it worse.

A TRD will attack the primary cause of snoring, the tongue.  Increased fatty tissue, a larger tongue, and even larger tonsils all create problems and difficulties while sleeping.  The GMSS holds the tongue in place, thereby eliminating any problems associated with the size of the tongue, size of the tonsils or the size of the throat.  The GMSS creates the space your airway needs to breathe adequately during the night.

Finally, the device is BPA (Bisphenol A) free.  This is a hazardous chemical used to make plastics that I prefer not to have in my mouth for an entire night of sleeping.  The GMSS being BPA free is an added plus of the design of the mouthpiece.

My Experience

There was no need to fit the device, so all I had to do to prepare for sleep was to use the suction tip to grab hold of my tongue.  I first pinched the tip of the GMSS and sucked at the same time.

This created a suction on the tip and while pushing my tongue against the suction, it stuck into place.  I then close my mouth around the GMSS just like a baby would with a pacifier.  Immediately, I thought it felt more comfortable than I had imagined.  It did not take up any space inside my mouth and there was basically no feeling of having something bulky in there.

I quickly got used to having something stuck onto the edge of my tongue, and it was very easy to adjust the suction power if needed.  I simply took it off my tongue and sucked either harder or lighter, depending how strong I wanted it to hold onto my tongue.

The grip will depend on how hard you inhale.  As usual with any type of anti-snoring device I am testing, I like to try them out at or near the maximum setting these devices allow.  In this case I sucked a little harder to get a very good grip on my tongue, as I felt it would be better to have during the night.

Waking up the following morning, I felt amazing.  I had a very good night of sleep, felt refreshed, and had energy.  This meant I slept very well.  I asked my wife if she had heard any snoring from me during the night and she said she did not, which confirmed the GMSS was a success.

I did however, have a slightly sore tongue.  This could be due to how hard I decided to have it suction, and thus the grip on my tongue made it sore.  I readjusted for the following weeks and the soreness dissipated completely.

After an extended period using this device, I can honestly say it is one of my top two pieces to use.  I like to have the option of not using a MAD from time to time, which make the GMSS the perfect alternate.

How Should I Clean It?

Cleaning the GMSS as you can imagine is incredibly easy.  It is not large, there are no nooks and crannies needed to get into it, and the entire piece does not rest in your mouth creating less of an area to clean.  If I need a thorough cleaning I simply use a toothbrush and toothpaste to clean it all around.

Even though this is a more complete cleaning and takes longer with MAD devices, that is not the case with the GMSS.  It is so small I can use the toothbrush and toothpaste method more often with no sacrifice for time.  The second method is using some dental solution and water in a glass, dropping it into the glass and swirling it around a couple times.

The GMSS even comes packaged with a Polident denture tablet to use for the first time you need to clean it.  If you prefer Polident, you can easily continue to purchase them in the future to continue cleaning the GMSS.

This is incredibly fast and easy.  Again, I think it is even faster using this method than when needing to clean MAD devices due to the size of the GMSS.  Whichever one I decide to use, after I am done I simply place the GMSS in the case and keep it in the drawer next to my bed with my other appliances.

Who Cannot Use it?

Even though this is a great anti-snoring device, there are some people who might be hesitant to use it.

If someone has an oversensitive tongue, this would not be a great choice.  It attaches to the top of the tongue and I was in fact sore the first night, although I did try to use maximum suction.  Those who have allergies, sinus problems, a deviated septum, or nasal polyps will also be hesitant to use the GMSS.

Personally, I have allergies from time to time and need to breathe through my mouth when they spring up.  When this happens I absolutely cannot use the GMSS, and I must go with one of my MAD appliances with mouth breathing.  The GMSS only allows nasal breathing during the night.


  • Safer to use. Other devices push the lower jaw forward leaving you at risk for TMJ, soreness and other issues.
  • Ready to use immediately. No setup needed and can be used right out of the box.
  • More comfortable than other devices. Nothing is inserted fully into the mouth, only the tip is used.  There is no feeling of having something in the mouth.
  • One size fits all. This is truly a one size fits all device as it only needs to suction onto the tongue.
  • Those with dental work can use the device. Dentures, caps, crowns, overbites, do not matter.  The GMSS does not affect the teeth in any way so anyone with dental issues can use it.
  • Very easy to clean and transport.
  • BPA free. Hazardous chemical used to create plastic that is better to not be in contact with for the entire night.
  • 90-day money back guarantee if there are any issues when using the device.
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared. Products that are cleared by the FDA must pass certain standards.
  • BBB (Better Business Bureau) has given the company an A rating.
  • Cleared by Health Canada, EEA (European Economic Area) and ARTG (Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods).
  • Can be shipped internationally for customers around the world.
  • Very long lifespan. Users have reportedly had the device for years.  Very long lasting
  • A dentist has created the product, which I think gives it a little more positive endorsement.


  • Mouth breathing is not possible. I had to breathe through my nose to use it, so when my nose becomes blocked I will not be able to use the GMSS.
  • Cannot do anything to help those who grind at night. Some MAD devices help grinders, but since nothing attaches to the teeth here, the GMSS provides no help to grinders.
  • My tongue was sore the first night. This subsided after I adjusted the suction.
  • Price is expensive. However, buying two lowers the price to almost half and factoring in the long-life span makes it almost a non-issue.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

The Good Morning Snore Solution has two different pricing options available.

There is the option to buy one for $99.94, or the option to purchase two for $129.94.  You can see when buying two the price per unit drops considerably.  I would say that this is a high price for an anti-snoring device; however, the lifespan of the product is exceptional.

Since there is no boiling the product, the plastic never becomes compromised.

The device ships internationally, and there is a 90-day return policy where you can receive a total refund if you are not satisfied.  I had no issues with returning it since it was indeed one of the best products I ever used.

What do User Reviews say?

I always like to investigate what others are saying about any device I am testing, and the general feedback for the GMSS is a positive one.  The reviews only reinforced my feelings for the product.

Some examples are:

“Wow!  I was blown away with the results here.  I LOVE not having anything inside my mouth the entire night.  I was worried about it slipping off during the night, but it never happens.  I have to say my life changed completely after I found this.  This was very comfortable, the only thing I wish was that I had found it sooner!” -Jami P.

“Seriously, one of the best mouthpieces I ever used.  The suction works great, and my jaw isn’t sore in the morning.  I have used the ones that hold the jaw for years, and my teeth were starting to become looser and unstable because of them.

After finding this and using it for over 6 months, my teeth are not sore anymore and are not causing any more issues.  The GMSS is incredibly comfortable.  Thank you, Good Morning Snore Solution!” -Liz H.

“I finally found something that works night in and night out.  My wife loves it too.

This changed our lives completely.  I paid hundreds of dollars to dentists for custom solutions, none of which worked as good as this tiny piece!  Revolutionized the way I feel about sleeping!” -John G.

The Business that Makes the Product

The GMSS is manufactured by a company named MPowrx.  The CEO and founder of the company is Dr. Nancy Markley.

Dr. Markley is a Calgary dentist who created the company to bring products to market that would help people sleep better at night from snoring or sleep apnea.

She teamed up with fellow Calgary dentist, Dr. Leslie Dort early on to invent the Good Morning Snore Solution which has now sold millions around the world.


Overwhelming results.  It is one of my top preferred mouthpieces that I use consistently.

It is one of my favorites for a variety of reason.  First, the results speak for themselves.  I wake up every morning feeling great.  Second, I give my mouth a break from needing something inside of it.

Even the most svelte MAD devices can feel bulky sometimes, this was one of the most comfortable anti-snoring devices I have ever used.

They also force your jaw forward, the GMSS does not.  It uses the tongue so my jaw is never in any unnatural or uncomfortable position.  This can get tiring after a while, cause soreness for the teeth, and even dental problems.

The price is a little high, but when I factor in the lifespan of the product it is more than worth the cost.

This is the best TRD I have tested, and even compared to the MAD devices or other more unique products I have tried it still ranks on the top of the list.  I highly recommend anyone to purchase this.

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