SleepTight Mouthpiece Review

Product details:
Type: Boil & bite MAD
Price: $44.95 (per item, BOGO offer)
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days (trial)
Rank: #5
Govt. Approval: FDA Cleared
Clinical Studies: No

sleeptight-mouthpieceI am surprised to say that I liked the mouthpiece more than I expected.  It had a great price and a patented dual laminate design.

Quite frankly, if I did not have few other mouthpieces that I thought were top notch, this would most definitely have been one of my favorites.

Remember, it takes time and patience to go through many appliances until you find one that stands out.  Even though this was not a top mouthpiece for me, it was so exceptional that it could be for you.

I tested the mouthpiece for two weeks as all the others I have reviewed, and my beginning to end process is documented below.

How it Works

SleepTight is a quintessential MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that like the others I have tested requires the boil and bite method to setup.

This allows me to custom fit it to my jaw structure.  MAD appliances extend the jaw forward while sleeping, which prevents the tongue from slipping back and blocking the airway.

This is critical because it not only causes snoring, which could be annoying for a significant other, but also prevents the required amount of oxygen entering the body during the night.  This causes numerous health problems, from mild to severe to even death!  Since I began my journey I have felt more energized, lost weight, and have suffered less headaches.  Studies have shown that snoring, and depriving my body of oxygen was the root of these issues for me.  My quality of life has improved and my family is more thankful since they do not have to hear me snore throughout the night anymore which would also interrupt their sleep too.

How does the design of the SleepTight make it stand out?

After receiving the SleepTight I immediately noticed something that stood out and that other products did not have.  It had three total layers of material coating the product.  The center was a thermoplastic material which was the base of the product.  That base of thermoplastic is then coated again with a 1.5-millimeter thin layer of softer, more pliable material than the thermoplastic.  This is coated onto the lower tray and upper tray.  Then as I moved alongside the product with my fingers I noticed another change.  The third layer was on the outer portion and the product here was more gel-like, then also this plastic existed where my teeth would take hold.  The impression would be made with this part of the device.  Finally, the SleepTight has another patented design which keeps the center of the device hard during the boiling process and at the same time making the outer layer soft.  This would allow me to create a nice fitting for my jaw structure.  Normally, with boil and bite devices if they are bitten into too hard after boiling, the teeth could bite through the plastic entirely.  This is not the case with the technology used to create the SleepTight.

My Experience

Right away after inserting it into my mouth it felt comfortable.  It felt non-intrusive and non-irritating, I did not think it was bulky at all and the plastic felt smooth against the skin inside my mouth.  The product has a noticeably large air hole compared to any other device I tested.  This was considerably larger and quite possibly the largest airhole I have ever seen.  I measured the size of it and it turned out to be over ¼ of an inch wide and over 1 inch long.  When I breathed through my mouth using the airhole, there were no sucking or breathing noises (like Darth Vader), instead it was very comfortable and I could easily inhale and exhale.

The following morning after using the device for the first time I felt great.  I had energy, felt rested and knew I slept well.  Whenever I wake up feeling so great, it means the device worked and I did not snore.  I confirmed with my wife that there was no snoring, so the first night was a success.

I continued to use it for the following two weeks and in my opinion the product is effective, comfortable and worth the price.  I went on to have success for the following two weeks using the SleepTight.

How Should I Clean It?

I like to give the product a good cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste for the first time.  This is more thorough and can get into all the nooks and crannies.  However, it is more time consuming and if I need a quick clean I prefer to use some dental solution and water and just submerge the product, give it a quick swirl and I am ready to use it.  I usually do the toothbrush and toothpaste method one day a week, and the dental solution method the rest of the days.

Who Cannot Use it?

As great as I thought it was, there is a subset of people who cannot use the device.  Like most other MAD devices, this is not a suitable one for those who have crowns, caps, dentures, or similar dental work.  The way MAD devices grip onto the teeth can cause issues with certain types of dental work.  Those with loose teeth might even want to consult a dentist before using this one.

Another issue would be snorers with overbites.  The way in which this extends the lower jaw, someone with an overbite will not be able to hold this position throughout the night.


  • Patented dual laminate design which made it so comfortable and molded itself around my teeth.
  • Great deal and offer allows you to buy one and get the second unit free. Great deal for two-snore households or to keep one as a backup like I do.
  • Largest airhole I have seen on an anti-snoring device, great for mouth breathers such as myself.
  • Material allows me to boil it up to 4 or 5 times, more than other devices and a great option if I need to refit it weeks or months later.
  • This product can be worn with partial dentures, make sure to consult a dentist before wearing.
  • 30-day trial to test and return the product if you wish to return it.
  • BPA (Bisphenol A) and latex free, which is important as these are harmful chemicals that I prefer not to be in contact with for an entire night of sleep.
  • FDA cleared which means the product must pass certain regulations.
  • Not bulky and non-irritating, I felt the product was a winner in both regards.


  • I ended up staining the device after cleaning it with toothpaste, be careful how you clean it.
  • The company was notoriously difficult to contact, there is only an email address to get in touch.
  • As with other MAD devices, this one cannot be worn by those who have crowns, implants, caps.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

This was a great deal.  I bought one and received a second one free of charge.  The combined price is $79.95 plus $9.95 shipping which turns out to be $44.95 each, which is a good price for an effective appliance.  The company offers a 30-day money back guarantee if you have any issues and wish to return it.  I received it quickly, less than a week, and ended up keeping it so did not use the guarantee.

What do User Reviews say?

I found positive reviews from other users about the SleepTight.  I like to check what others are saying too, not just myself.  Most reviews considered the product a good price and effective.

Some examples are:

“So far I have used this mouthpiece for a week, and let me say it is a big improvement over the other one I was using.  It fits better and my snoring has improved tremendously.” -Diana B.

“Really comfortable and is exceptionally effective.  I have used it for years, and yes I love it.  Easy to setup and works great”.  -Jim T.

My husband is a registered nurse, and we both love this product.  We have been using it for a month now and I must honestly say we are both surprised with how well it is working.” -Jenny P.

The Business that Makes the Product

The SleepTight was created by a US dentist named Dr. Mike Williams.  Like many other creators, he suffered from snoring and was unable to find a viable solution, and even went so far as to have multiple surgeries.  He has spent years developing and researching mouthpieces in the United Kingdom and finally created the SleepTight after years of work.


Another good, effective, comfortable anti-snoring product.  If it were not for the other products I rate so highly, this would have been one of my top products.  For example, for a similar price I could purchase the Vitasleep.  It is adjustable and does not have a large difference in the cost.  My experience was positive with the SleepTight; however, not amazing.

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