Snoremate Review – Does The Mouthpiece Hold Up?

Product details:
Type: Boil & bite MAD
Price: $36.99
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Rank: #7
Material: Thermoplastic
Govt. Approval: N/A
Clinical Studies: No
Longevity, Months: 3-4

The Snoremate is another MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) with a different design.  It does not look like your typical MAD device; it looks more similar to something you would wear for sports rather than an anti-snoring mouthpiece.

Snoring occurs for the majority of people, including myself, when the tongue slips towards the back of the throat and blocks the airway there and causes vibrations.  Remarkably over 80% of snorers suffer from this method of snoring.  These vibrations create snoring and even more dangerously prevent the body from receiving the oxygen that it needs throughout the night.

The Snoremate works just like other MAD devices – it extends the lower jaw forward throughout the night and prevents the tongue from slipping back and blocking the throat.  The mouthpiece molds itself to your jaw using the boil and bit method, which I did from my home after receiving the product.

I test the Snoremate personally and thought it was not quite as comfortable as other mouthpieces I have tried in the past and would not use it consistently as I would other products in my rotation night after night.

Design and Composition of the Mouthpiece

The design of the mouthpiece is pretty basic and simple.  It is a single one-piece design with no air hole in the front.

An air hole is perfect for snorers who have the need to breathe through their mouths during the night, such as myself.

Sometimes my nasal passage blocks up and I have a difficult time breathing through my nose, so breathing through the mouth is a necessity some nights.  Using a MAD device that allows me to breathe through my mouth is much more comfortable to have.

This is a one size fits all device – which is hard to believe since so many mouths are different.  However, this is what the company claims.

There are no adjustment features for the device, and the only real customization you get is with the boil and bit procedure where it molds itself to your teeth and jaw.

What Makes the Snoremate Work and How You Should Use It

The Snoremate is a traditional MAD device with no adjustments and needs to be fitted before being used for the night.

Setting it up is an all too familiar process for me as I have done this countless times before for other boil and bite MAD devices.

There were no issues or any kind of complications for me to set it up, and no custom adjustments were needed.

To fit the device, I used the same tools I always use for this.  I would use a pot to boil water in, a timer to keep track of the time, an empty bowl, and the third bowl of ice water.

First, I boiled the water and then poured the hot water into the empty bowl I had.

I submerged the mouthpiece into the hot water holding the plastic tab of the Snoremate.  The time needed underwater is very littler, only 12 seconds.

Then I removed it and let it air cool for only a couple seconds and then placed it in my mouth.  I moved my jaw slightly forward into the position I wanted it to harden at, and then firmly bit down.

I held it like that for a few seconds, removed the mouthpiece and then placed it into the ice water so it could completely harden.  This would allow it to set the shape.  I then placed it back into my mouth to make sure it was the position I wanted.  If not, I would have to boil it again.  I was satisfied with how I did it the first time though.

The manufacturer does recommend to keep the plastic tab on for the first few nights of use just in case I needed to do the entire fitting process again.  After a few nights of using it, they state you can trim off the extra plastic tab by cutting it off.

Maintenance of the Product

Maintenance is an easy process and I follow this procedure for all the MAD devices in which I own.  There are two ways to maintain this and keep it clean throughout its lifespan.

The first way is with a toothbrush, which allows me to really get inside the crevices of the device.

This is a more time-consuming method, so sometimes I prefer to use the second method when I am in a rush.  The second method is using water and a dental cleaning solution.

Simply place the mouthpiece with a solution in a glass of water and swirl it around a few times.

Storage is also a very straightforward process; no special storage is needed.  I use a casing to keep the product in at night and place it in my nightstand next to where I sleep.

Possible Issues

A few possible issues exist when using the Snoremate, more so than other products.

The one-size fits all is not really a true statement.  The mouthpiece felt a little large and invasive for me, I could only imagine how it felt for someone with a smaller mouth.

There was also some soreness and drooling that occurred when using it for the first time.  Normally these things subside after a while when the mouth and jaw gets used to the product.  I did not find this to be the case, however.

My jaw pain lasted for quite a long time – long enough I had to cut my testing short which I very rarely do.  The product is also not BPA (Bisphenol A) or latex free.  This is a harmful chemical that is used in making plastics that can end up being hazardous to your health.  It has also not been cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

I like to use products that have been cleared as this gives a governmental seal of approval so to speak on them.

The product needs to be replaced frequently as the life cycle is only three to four months long which is a very short time frame compared to the market that is out there.

Finally, those with crowns, dentures, implants, caps, or bridges cannot use the product.

The design of this product and many MAD devices attach to the teeth in a certain way that make wearing it impossible for people with these types of dental procedures.

There is a high risk that you will compromise any dental work you have had done.  The device in general is a very basic product, no adjustments, and no fine tuning you get with some of the other ones on the market.

Is it Effective for You?

I have tested many MAD devices now, and some have been very effective.  This one however, as soon as I placed it inside my mouth – it felt large and invasive.

My mouth felt very full and it was immediately uncomfortable.  Having no air holes in the product forced me to breathe through my nose, something that would be impossible on some nights due to my nasal blockage.

However, I decided to forge on and give it a proper review.

For now, I was able to breathe comfortably, but I was unsure what the future will hold.  My initial reaction was not a good one.

When I woke up, I felt drained.  I was exhausted!  During the night I drooled a lot, this is normal for some new products, but this was much more than I normally drool with a new mouthpiece.

The sheer size of the Snoremate was too large for me to fit inside my mouth comfortably, and I could visibly see the excess drool on my pillow.

I tried again the following night, but the product remained irritating and uncomfortable.  I continued to drool and my jaw soreness turned into pain, to the point I could not even open my mouth completely.

I continued on for a few more nights even with all of these problems.

It got to the point that eating during the day was causing me pain and after 5 nights total I had to call it quits.  This review would end early.


  • The pricing of the product is much lower than the average MAD device. It is a very affordable product for someone to purchase.
  • The overall design of the product makes it very simple to clean. There are no crevices you have to get inside with a toothbrush.
  • There is a customized fit when using the boil and bite method which allows you to mold it to your jaw structure.
  • Sufferers of bruxism are able to wear the product; however, this causes it to wear down faster.
  • The material is soft and non-irritative. The material did not irritate my skin in any way nor my inner mouth at all.
  • A long guarantee is provided by the company. 30 days to receive your money back in case the product is defective or you want a refund for another reason.


  • The product contains a harmful chemical known as BPA and also contains latex, both of which can be hazardous to your health.
  • There are no air holes on the product, which makes it difficult for mouth breathers to use – such as myself.
  • It needs to be replaced frequently as the life span of the product is only three to four months’ maximum, much shorter than others in the industry.
  • Has not been cleared by the FDA and has not been accredited by the BBB, both of which make the product more trustworthy and credible.
  • People with dentures, crowns, caps, or braces are not able to wear the product due to the way it grips onto the teeth.
  • The product was very uncomfortable for me to use due to the size and bulkiness of it.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

The price of the Snoremate is decent.  This is one of the least expensive anti-snoring products on the market.

A single mouthpiece costs $32.00 and $8.00 more for shipping, and it comes with a storage case that I use to keep it in at night.

The two pack is $42.00 plus the $8.00 shipping – which is the one I purchased.

For $10.00 more I figured it was a good purchase so I could use the second when the first had worn down.

Looking back, I wish I had purchased only one.

The Snoremate must be replaced every couple of months, and for snorers who suffer from bruxism they must replace it even sooner.

Eventually the cost does add up and you would be savvy to buy a higher priced mouthpiece that would last for an entire 12 months, which would end up saving you money over the longer term.

The Business that Makes the Product

The Snoremate has been sold since 1999 by a company in Durban, South Africa and was created by Mercia Perioli.

It has actually been on the market for much longer than almost all other anti-snoring products that are available today.

The company boldly claims that there is an 85% success rate for users.  There are many reviews of the product due to the length of time that it has been sold.


I cannot recommend the Snoremate.  The bulkiness and intrusiveness of the product created many problems for me.  The drooling was above average, and the jaw pain I experienced was so severe it effected my eating.

I had to end my testing of the device due to my jaw being in so much pain.

The price point is good; however, if you calculate that it must be replaced often, almost every three or four months it is not worth it.  It would be a much better deal to buy a mouthpiece that was more efficient and only needed to be replaced once a year.

The company was next to impossible to locate information about.

The product is not latex free, contains BPA, has not been approved by the FDA and the company is not a part of the BBB!

The negatives far outweigh the positives for this device, and I would definitely not recommend nor keep this product in my rotation of anti-snoring devices that I regularly use.

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