The Snoremeds Mouthpiece Review – What is it?

Product details:
Type: Boil & bite MAD
Price: $40.95
Rank: #8
Govt. Approval: N/A
Clinical Studies: No

The Snoremeds is one more MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) with a good price tag and was effective as well.

Anti-snoring devices were invented to help snorers by moving the jaw forward slightly when sleeping.  When the jaw is forced to stay in an extended position, this prevents the tongue from moving, slipping to the back of the throat and thereby blocking the airway.

This prevents the body from receiving enough oxygen during the night, which leads to a multitude of health problems.  Some quite serious which are life threatening.

When the tongue is resting on the back of the throat, this also causes vibrations, and these vibrations lead to snoring.

This is the reason I snore, and it is why over 80% of snorers suffer from this problem as well.

The Snoremeds, as with other snoring mouthpieces, uses the boil and bite method to setup.

There are no additional setup steps needed, which makes it an excellent introductory MAD device for first-time users.

I personally found the product to be comfortable and effective.

Design and Composition of the Mouthpiece

This is a basic mouthpiece that has a simple design.

It is not a one size fits all product, it actually has two different sizes, one for smaller mouths and one for larger mouths.

It is a one-piece design that has an air hole in the front.  I personally like to use MAD devices with air holes because it gives me the option to breathe through my mouth at night in case I have any nasal blockage.

Those snorers who suffer from allergies or sinus problems will want to use mouthpieces with air holes to give them the ability to breathe through their mouths as well.

The larger design worked well for me personally and my mouth is an average size, snorers with smaller mouths could simply buy the smaller sized one.

There are no precision adjustments, which makes setting it up relatively easy since the boil and bite is the only method needed.

The boil and bite method molds itself to the teeth and jaw to give the snorer a custom fitting.

My Experience

The setup process for the Snoremeds is exactly the same as other MAD mouthpieces that need preparation.  The process is not complicated; however, if it is the first time anyone is using this procedure it could be daunting.

First I gathered what was necessary which was a pot used to boil the water, a bowl with ice water, and finally an empty bowl.

In this situation, I would not need a spoon because the product itself has a plastic handle (spatula) which substitutes for what I normally use as a spoon.

I boiled the water, and poured the hot water into a bowl.  Then, I took the spatula and inserted it into the front air hole, and submerged the product completely for 18 seconds.

After the time was up, I removed the product and checked to make sure the plastic edges did not fold over onto themselves during the boiling process.

They were fine, but if you see that they are folded over make sure you straighten them out before placing the product in your mouth.

I then inserted the product into my mouth with the curved side pointing upwards and bit down firmly while extending my lower jaw at the same time.

This created the unique molding around my teeth, and I held this position for about 40 seconds.  I removed the product and placed it into the bowl of ice water for a minute until it hardened.

Finally, I placed it inside my mouth one last time to see how it fit. I felt it was a good fit and I was ready to test it for the night.

One word of caution, is if you want to re-boil the product you can only do it a maximum of two times, otherwise the material will become compromised and you cannot use it.  I found this to be much shorter than other MAD devices I have used in the past.

Maintenance of the Product

Maintaining the product is simple and I use one of two methods that I use for almost all my products.  The first is a very thorough cleaning with a toothbrush and toothpaste.

This is necessary if I want to get inside every little hole and give it a really good scrubbing.  The second method is much easier and the one I use more often with the Snoremds since it does not have so many tiny holes.

I simply pour some water into a glass and empty some dental solution inside of it.  I submerge it into the water completely and swirl it around a few times and then let it air dry.

Finally, for storing the device I simply use a small case with a label and the name of the product and then place it in a drawer with all of my other products.

Possible Issues

Certain snorers will have some problems with this product in particular.  First, as was already stated, it can only be boiled twice.

After boiling it two times, the material will become compromised and you cannot use it.  Second, the lifespan of the product is low compared to others.

It only has a 4-month time period until it needs to be replaced.  Third, it cannot be worn by anyone who has any type of dental work.

This includes any caps, crowns, implants, or dentures.  Lastly, I personally had some considerable drooling wearing this product after a few nights.

Those with smaller mouths might see a little more drooling than normal.

Is it Effective for You?

The product felt comfortable to wear, I did not have any irritation and it felt snug.  The air hole was a good enough size for me to breathe through, and overall before bed I was satisfied with how it felt.

When I woke up, I felt energized and like I had slept well.  This means the product worked.

I did have some soreness issues, but this is typical for a MAD device the first few nights.  Normally, as I get more used to wearing a particular product the soreness will go away.

There was also a bit of drooling, but this is another issue that normally goes away with time after using the product.

After testing it for a period of time, I felt the product was effective and any side effects from wearing it disappeared.


  • It is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared.
  • It is BPA and Latex free, these are hazardous chemicals you do not want to be in contact with for extended periods.
  • There is a 45-day money back guarantee when you buy one unit.
  • Easy to clean when you use the water and dental solution method.
  • It has air holes which make mouth breathing very easy when I have nasal
  • It felt comfortable and non-invasive inside my mouth.
  • The product was effective, and I did not snore using it.
  • The price was great when you buy 2 or more. When you buy four you see a huge discount, almost half than any other product on the market.


  • The setup process using the boil and bite method can only be done twice, which is less than other products.
  • The life span of the product is only about 4 months until it needs to be replaced.
  • It cannot be used by those with dental work such as crowns, implants, caps, or dentures.
  • I had some drooling after initially using the product.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

Purchasing the Snoremeds on its own is not a spectacular deal and costs $40.95.  However, buying two or four you get to see huge discounts.

If you buy two, each will cost you only $29.97, and buying four you will pay only $22.23 per unit.  This is a great discount and I would recommend taking advantage of it.

If you decide to return it, you cannot return the two pack or four pack, so take that into consideration.

What are Consumers Saying?

Looking around at what other customers are saying about the Snoremeds, it was a mostly positive experience.

Most reviews thought it was useful and cheap when buying more than one.  There were very minor complaints about jaw soreness and drooling.


This was a successful product for me and turned out to be effective.  I could confidently recommend this to other snorers looking to make a purchase.

Offering two different sizes is a big plus, as the one size fits all devices usually do not work very well.  The price is great and affordable, especially if you buy the four pack.

After my mouth had become accustomed to wearing it, any soreness or drooling stopped.

I would say this is a great starter mouthpiece for anyone looking to begin testing products, and even those who have tested more than a few might put this into their permanent rotation.

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