SnoreRx Mouthpiece Review – A good option

Product details:
Type: Boil & bite Adjustable MAD
Price: 1 - $99.00
2 - $77.00 per item
3 - $66.00 per item
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Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Rank: #4
Material: Medical-grade copolymer BPA-free Latex-free
Govt. Approval: FDA Cleared
Clinical Studies: No
Longevity, Months: 15-18

The SnoreRx is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device), but with a few unique features that quite frankly made it stand out among other MAD mouthpieces.

Mouthpieces were created to aid snorers by extending the lower jaw forward when asleep and by doing this it prevents the tongue from slipping towards the back of the throat blocking the airway.

When this happens, it causes vibrations and snoring occurs.  It is important this airway remains open so the body gets the oxygen it needs during the night or many health problems can arise, ranging from minor to life threatening.  80% of snorers, including myself, suffer from this condition in particular; the tongue slipping back and blocking the airway.

The SnoreRx set up consists of the typical boil and bite method used often in other MAD devices; however, there is an additional setup step needed to set precision adjustments.

These are used to extend the jaw into an even more precise position than just the regular boil and bite.  I found many positive points when using this product, and I would fully recommend this for any snorer looking for an effective product.

Design and Composition of the Mouthpiece

The SnoreRx is a BPA (Bisphenol A) free, latex free, and acrylic free mouthpiece.  This is an important point because each of these are chemical compounds you do not want to be in contact with for extended periods of time.

There is also a cushioned copolymer built into it which permits the teeth to be protected while sleeping.

The mouthpiece has specially designed air holes, named V-holes.  These allow mouth breathers, such as myself, to use them when they cannot breathe through their nose for any reason.  I suffer from a blocked nasal passage sometimes and when this happens I have no other option but to breathe through my mouth.  Using a product that has air holes is my only option in these situations, and other snorers with sinus or allergy problems will need to use a product with air holes as well.

There are many other unique features of the SnoreRx, such as a feature called the Flex-Jaw.  This is a series of precision adjustments that many other MAD devices do not have, but I really enjoy using products that have them.  There are ten different settings, each spaced 1 millimeter apart which allows you to set your lower jaw into any one of the positions for the night.

This allows for the snorer to have maximum comfort, effectiveness, and customization.  There is also a calibrator on the mouthpiece which is printed on the side marking what setting it was on so you never have to remember where you set it if you need to readjust it or it gets unset for any reason.

The mouthpiece stays locked in place with a feature called the Posi Lock.  This permits the lower jaw to stay locked in position without the use of springs, rods, brands, or screws.

Finally, there is the V-Alignment feature which is a center alignment that keeps the SnoreRx in the proper position.

What Makes the SnoreRx Work and How You Should Use It

This product has a similar setup to start with as other MAD devices, which is using the boil and bite method.  This is not a complex process, but if it is the first time someone is doing it – it can be intimidating.

I first get together a pot to boil water, a bowl with ice water, an empty bowl, and a spoon.  Step one is to boil the water and then pour it into the empty bowl.

I then submerge the SnoreRx in the hot water for 90 seconds.  I then removed it from the hot water and let it cool for only a couple of seconds before placing it inside my mouth and biting down firmly to set the plastic.  The material molds itself around my teeth due to it being pliable from being submerged in the hot water.  This will produce a custom fit unique to my jaw structure.

After biting down on the device, I removed it from my mouth and placed it into the ice water for 60 seconds so it could harden.

Afterwards, I put it back into my mouth one more time to make sure it felt how I wanted before bed.  If you wish to repeat the process because you do not like how it feels, you can do it up to three times before the material will become compromised and you will not be able to use it.

The setup was not yet complete, as this was only the first part.  I now had to make adjustments to the exact millimeter I wanted to use for my jaw extension.  First, I had to hold the upper tray with both hands and push with my thumbs forward and out on the sides.

When you do this, you should hear the lower tray clicking over each setting.  It is recommended to use this method rather than just squeezing the side and moving the upper tray back and forth freely.

After I set the bottom tray using the first method to the calibration I wanted, I placed it one final time inside my mouth and I was ready to go.

Maintenance of the Product

I maintained the SnoreRx with two different methods.  One is a little more time consuming than the typical way I clean my other MAD devices; this is due to the fact there are so many crevices and holes that need to be cleaned due to the Flex-Jaw precision adjustments.

The first method is using my toothbrush and toothpaste.  This allows me to get inside every hole and really give it a good cleaning, but it is not the most optimal way to clean it when I am in a rush.  For that, I prefer the second method which is simply using some water and dental solution.

I plunge the product into a glass with the dental cleaning solution and give it a couple swirls, then remove it and let it air dry.

Once it is dry (from using either method), I place the product into a case next to my bed with the rest of my devices for when I am not using it.

Possible Issues

There are some downsides to the SnoreRx, it is not the easiest mouthpiece to clean.  This is a negative for those who are looking for an easy maintenance product.

This does require some effort to keep cleaned.  There was also some considerable soreness for me when using the product, it finally went away after a period of time, but it took a little longer for that to happen.

My jaw was definitely noticeably more sore than other products I have used.  Finally, this cannot be used by snorers with crowns, caps, dentures, implants or any bridges.  This firmly grips your teeth, and it does so in such a way that it is totally unusable for anyone with this kind of dental work.

Anyone who suffers from any type of sleeping disorder or medical condition such as sleep apnea, TMJ pain, asthma, or sever respiratory disorders will want to speak with a physician for a professional opinion on how to curb your snoring before purchasing this product.

Is it Effective for You?

The number of settings on the device is intimidating at first, especially if this is your first time using a precision adjustment MAD device.  It was difficult to decide where exactly to set it before using it, and took some time to choose.

After deciding and placing it in my mouth, it did feel comfortable.  There was no irritation and it did not feel bulky or invasive.  The plastic molded itself to my teeth fine, and combined with the calibration everything felt good.

I woke up the following morning feeling fantastic.  I was not tired in any way, and had energy which means I slept well, did not snore, and the product worked.  I did have some soreness in my jaw though, which could have been due to the setting I positioned it at.

I decided for the following night I would move the setting back one notch and judge how I felt.  There was no drool on the pillow which means it was not too large for my mouth.  Overall, a successful first night of sleep.

As I continued to test the product over time, the soreness did dissipate although at a longer rate of decline than other products tried and tested.  My opinion of the device was still the same, an effective and unique product.


  • Did not feel the product was invasive when using it. It was comfortable with no irritation.
  • The plastics used to make the product do not contain any BPA, acrylic or latex. These are all chemicals which should not be in contact with the skin for an extended period of time.
  • The product is made in America and is also cleared by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). FDA uses certain guidelines for products, so anything that is cleared by them will be held to a higher standard.
  • The price goes down as you buy more units. If you purchase three at once, you will only end up paying $66.33 for each unit.  This is great for larger households or if you just want to have backups on hand and ready to go.
  • There is a 30-day money back guarantee that comes with the product, if you decide for any reason not to keep it you can return it with no questions asked.
  • There are precision adjustments for up to 1 mm at a time, which allows each individual to set the jaw in an exact position for maximum control.
  • The product was a success which is the most important aspect. No snoring by me the entire night.
  • I am also able to use the product when my nose is blocked for any reason. Any other snorer who has allergies or sinus issues can use it because it has air holes which allow for mouth breathing.


  • Those who have any type of dental work will not be able to use the product. Any snorers with crowns, caps, implants, bridges, or dentures unfortunately should not purchase it.  The device grips the teeth in such a way that makes it unusable.
  • It is difficult to clean and requires time every morning to give it a thorough cleaning. Sometimes when I am in a rush I do not have the time to do this.
  • It took a little longer than normal to get used to the product, the soreness lasted longer than usual and my jaw was sorer than when using other devices.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

The product price decreases as you purchase more units together in bulk packages.  If you only decide to buy one, it is an expensive $99.00 price tag.

Two will cost $77.00 each, and if you go for three you get their largest discount which comes to $66.33 per unit.  Shipping is done with Federal Express and costs $10 no matter how many you buy.

What are Consumers Saying?

After researching what others are saying about the product, the overwhelming majority of them are satisfied.

Many feel that it is simple to use and it is effective to stop snoring.  Some have complained of soreness as I have, but also like me it went away after a few days of use.


The product worked well, and I had no issues besides the soreness that I felt longer than when using other similar products.

The setup is difficult, as there are numerous settings which need to be adjusted.

The material felt smooth and did not irritate me, and it did not feel bulky.

This is an excellent choice for someone who wants complete control over where they want to set their jaw, and I feel comfortable recommending this product to snorers who are searching for an effective solution.

If you are looking for a more cost effective and similar solution with a product that has similar features, I would also recommend testing the VitalSleep.

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