Vitalsleep Mouthpiece Review

Product details:
Type: Boil & bite Adjustable MAD
Price: 1 - $53.95*
2 - $44.98* (per item)
(*by using the promo code DEALS)
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Rank: #2 Choice
Material: DuPont thermoplastic, USA-sourced BPA-free Latex-free
Govt. Approval: FDA Cleared
Clinical Studies: Yes
Longevity, Months: 12-24

The Vitalsleep  is unquestionably the best MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) I have ever tested and it is number one on my list of devices.  It is comfortable, effective and reasonably priced.

This was quite an extraordinary mouthpiece and I highly recommend it to anyone searching for a solution to their snoring.

Do not let the appearance of the Vitalsleep  fool you, when I saw it my first reaction was how could this be comfortable?  However, the adjustment level for the jaw is the most customizable and therefore most comfortable I have ever used.

A comfortable MAD device depends 100% on how customizable it can be for the user.  The design is unique with spacing in the middle and two spaces on either side and allows side to side jaw movement too, creating less pressure on the jaw (and even more comfortable).

I can positively say it is the best anti-snoring mouthpiece I have reviewed.

How it works

The Vitalsleep  is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device) that has the maximum level of customization in the industry.

This mouthpiece does require a boil and bite setup followed by adjusting it precisely in 1mm increments depending on how far forward I want my jaw.  The boil and bite is the initial fitting that grips the teeth to form fit to my jaw while I sleep.  T

he boil and bite can be done up to five times for the 12-24-month lifespan of the device; however, this is not enough!  Even though the boil and bite method is one of the best ways I can customize a mouthpiece to fit my jaw, it is still a rough or approximate fitting.  The micro-precision adjustments are more of a fine tailored fitting to how far extended I want my jaw during the night.  Extending the jaw forward while sleeping prevents the tongue from blocking the airway in the back of the throat and causing me to snore.

How does the design of the Vitalsleep  make it stand out?

When I received the Vitalsleep  there were already some bonuses included that are always nice to see when I make a purchase.  I received a free eBook titled “33 Tips to Reclaim a Good Night’s Sleep” upon ordering, and honestly there were some good tips in there.

Then, the product itself came packaged with an instruction booklet, a handle to use to snap onto the device while setting it up using the boil and bite procedure, a lever to adjust the screws on the product, and a protective travel case to store it in.  Quite a lot!

The initial impression of the mouthpiece is that the design and appearance is very different from typical MAD devices I have tried in the past.  Other generic MAD appliances are thicker and bulkier than the Vitalsleep .  I decided to go over each subtle and not so subtle difference it had before trying it on.

One of the most impressive features on the device is the precision customization which uses screws that allow the jaw to be adjusted up to 7 millimeters.

This permits me to micro-adjust the jaw for the best fit possible.  Now, with MAD devices you already get a custom fit using the boil and bite method.  This allows the device to mold itself specifically to my jaw structure, which is great.  However, with the Vitalsleep  this goes one step further with the customization using the screws to further adjust my jaw.  This is not the only MAD device I tested with micro-adjustments, the SnoreRx has this feature as well.  However, the SnoreRX’s price is almost 50% higher than the Vitalsleep .

While the SnoreRx costs $99, the Vitalsleep  with the coupon code DEALS costs only $53.95.  A big difference and much better bargain.  Also, the SnoreRx felt bulkier and more intrusive to me, another advantage for the Vitalsleep .

Another Vitalsleep  specific design point is the side to side jaw movement that it allows you to do.  I was indeed able to move my jaw from side to side which gave me greater comfort and effectiveness.

It even states this allows further protection from teeth grinding at night which is another plus.  Being able to move my jaw from side to side puts less stress on the jaw, thus reducing soreness too.

Last but certainly not least, other features the Vitalsleep  has are almost standard among mouthpieces today.  It is BPA (Bisphenol A) free which is associated with a few health hazards, so I prefer to use products that are BPA free.

The product also allowed me to breathe through my mouth which is great since I suffer from nasal blockages from time to time.  Readers who suffer from sinus congestions or allergies will prefer products that allow for mouth breathing as well.

My Experience

This unique device requires a bit more setup than others I have done in the past.  The first step is the standard boil and bite method that I have used quite often for other MAD devices.

Afterwards, it requires further adjustment with screws to place the jaw in an even more exact position to sleep with.  Preparing and executing the boil and bite is simple, I would need a pot to boil water in, a bowl of ice cold water, and something to keep time with.  The product comes with a handle that snaps easily into place for when the Vitalsleep  needs to be submerged in the hot and then cold water.

The first step is to make sure both the upper and lower part of the device are in a neutral position, specifically it is very important you do not make any adjustments of the screws before you boil it.  The side of the product has a marking that I could easily see if it was in the neutral position or not.

If the markings are lined up, then that meant it was neutral.  Now, I snapped the handle in place in the back of the mouthpiece and boiled the water.  Once it was boiling, I turned the heat off and submerged it for 10 seconds only.  This is very important because other devices I needed to place into the hot water for much longer.  In this situation for this product the instructions stated 10 seconds’ maximum.

I removed it from the water, and then searched for a triangle on the mouthpiece which I used as a guide to tell me the device was facing up, or that this was the top tray.  Then, I placed it into my mouth and bit down for 15 seconds, this would allow it to mold itself to my dental structure for the first part of the custom fitting process.  Finally, I removed it and placed it into the ice water to harden it completely.  Once this was done I double checked I liked how it felt by placing it in my mouth again.  It was a success as it felt fine.  An important point to note is this product I can boil up to five times, which is like others; however not enough during the 12-24-month lifespan of the product.  With the boil and bite finished, now it was time to make the calibration.

This is the part that makes it stand out.  The Vitalsleep  offers the highest level of customization on the market with the 1 millimeter precision adjustments.  I was looking forward to using this part of the product.

Adjusting the screws was easily done using the small tool provided with the packaging.  I adjusted the left and right side to 6 millimeters, almost the full extension.

I wanted to try it with my jaw almost fully extended to see how well it would feel as well as how well I would sleep.  What I love so much about the Vitalsleep  is if I needed to go down one millimeter or up one millimeter, this could be very easily accomplished.

Other products that only use the boil and bite, I would have to redo the entire boil process and adjust my jaw on the bite down, and even in that situation I might not have it exactly how I wanted it.  I loved having complete control of where my jaw would be.

The following morning, I woke up feeling energized and well rested.  Of course, this meant I slept well during the entire night.  My wife verified this by saying she did not hear any snoring.  The product, with all its bells and whistles, turned out to be a success.

My jaw was a little sore, but this was normal when using a mouthpiece on the first night.  I could easily adjust it down one or two millimeters for the following nights to reduce the extension, and thereby reduce the soreness, but I decided to continue with it at 6 millimeters and allow my jaw to become accustomed to it.

I continued to use the product for the next two weeks, and it was successful every single night.

My soreness eventually dissipated, and I was more than happy with how the results turned out.  Effective, comfortable, and my top product overall.

How Should I Clean It?

After using the product for the first time, I like to clean it as thoroughly as possible.  For a more intense cleaning I use a toothbrush, toothpaste and brush the entire product completely.

This does however take more time to do and the Vitalsleep  has many nooks and crannies that need to be cleaned.  If I am in a rush, I can quickly clean it by using some dental solution and submerging the product and giving it a good swirl.

Normally, I clean it thoroughly about once or twice a week and then the rest of the week I use dental solution.  When I am finished cleaning, and need to store it, I use the nice travel case that was included with the product and place it in my nightstand with my other appliances.

Who Cannot Use it?

Even though this is my number one device, there are some people that sadly will just not be able to use it.

Anyone with certain types of dental work will not be able to fit the product due to the way it grips onto the teeth during fitting and throughout the night.

Those with dentures, caps, or crowns or anything similar will not be able to wear the device.  Anyone with any type of loose teeth will want to consult a dentist prior to purchasing.


  • Can micro-adjust the jaw up to 7 millimeters for the best fit possible. By using screws, I can adjust the device and position my jaw exactly how I want it to be.
  • I can move my jaw from side to side while wearing it. This puts lower stress on my jaw and is more comfortable and effective.  This provides additional protection for teeth grinders.
  • I can breathe through my mouth while wearing it. When my nasal passage gets blocked up this is a must have for me on any mouthpiece.
  • The product can be replaced for a year without paying any shipping costs. This is the best I have ever seen on the market, if you need it replaced the company does it free of charge.  Anyone buying it will have a minimum lifespan of 12 months, due to the fact you can exchange it at any time during this period.
  • 30-day money back If for any reason you want to return the product and receive a refund.
  • Excellent price. The $59.95 price is already a great price for one, and if you buy two the price per unit goes down to $49.97.
  • BPA and latex free. Both are harmful chemicals used to make plastic that I do not want to be in contact with for an entire night of sleeping, night in and night out.
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared. Products that are FDA cleared must pass certain regulations, which make them higher quality.
  • It was not bulky and felt very comfortable and noninvasive. I had no drooling while wearing it.


  • Cleaning can be a bit burdensome. With so many nooks and crannies to get into, if you want to do a thorough cleaning it can take a long time.
  • The tool that comes packaged with the device to adjust the screws is very tiny. I can see this easily getting lost at some point.
  • Anyone with certain types of dental work cannot use the product, including dentures, caps, crowns or loose teeth.
  • The setup process can be complicated for first-time users and even advanced mouthpiece users.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

The price of the Vitalsleep is very cost effective.  If you purchase one, the price is $59.95, which already is a good deal for the quality of the device.  If you decide to buy two, like I did, the price is $99.95, which equals $49.97 per unit.

Shipping is a flat $7.95 whether you buy one or two.  There is currently a 10% discount available by using the coupon code DEALS when making your purchase, bringing the cost per unit down even more.

When buying the Vitalsleep using the coupon the price becomes $53.95 for one, and $44.98 for two.  The Vitalsleep comes with a 30-day money back guarantee if for any reason you decide not to keep it.

On top of that, if you need any kind of replacement, the company provides them free of charge for an entire year, and there is no need to pay any shipping charges.  This is the first time I have ever seen such an offer, and think it’s fabulous.

What do User Reviews say?

I like to research what other users are saying about products, and the consensus for the Vitalsleep is the same conclusion that I came too – it is one of, if not the best on the market.

Many people confirmed this and felt it was a great value as well.

Some examples are:

“This was the best mouthpiece I ever used, after going thru countless other ones for over 2 years.  I finally found one and I don’t have to worry about testing another one again!” -Mary W.

“I love this device and so does my wife!  I stopped snoring, not only am I sleeping better, so is she!” -Michael M.

“Since my first time testing this product, I absolutely cannot believe how well it works.  Thank you for changing my life!” -Kerry T.

The Business that Makes the Product

The Vitalsleep ’s inventor is David Hernandez who came up with the idea out of frustration, after paying over $3,000 on anti-snoring devices prescribed by his dentist.

None of which were effective.   This gave him the idea to create an affordable and efficient solution for snorers like him, so he created the Snore Reliever Company in 2010.

He partnered with a dentist, Dr. Richard Koffler and finally they both created the Vitalsleep.


This was the best anti-snoring mouthpiece I have ever tested.  The precision adjustments are remarkable and highly effective.  The side to side jaw movement makes it more comfortable than others as well.

I could breathe through my mouth with no problem, and had no irritation while using it either.  The pricing is a great bargain for what you receive, and the one-year replacement offer is one of a kind.

There is no other MAD device that exists on the market that can even compare or compete with the Vitalsleep.  The features, guarantee and price are unmatched, it is a must try for anyone who is looking for a top-quality mouthpiece for a reasonable price.

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