ZQuiet Device Review – A Good Mouthpiece To Try

Product details:
Type: Hinged Design MAD
Price: $79.95
Money Back Guarantee: 30 days
Rank: #3 Choice
Material: FDA-compliant thermoplastic elastomer. BPA-free Latex-free
Govt. Approval: Designated a class II medical device by the FDA
Clinical Studies: No
Longevity, Months: 12

zquietMy first reaction to researching the ZQuiet mouthpiece was an extreme interest in testing it, more so than other devices because of the unique patented technologies it used.

After receiving it and testing it thoroughly for two weeks – my conclusion was it was one of the best mouthpieces I have tried.

I have tested many products up until the ZQuiet and have a proven track record of experience, which is why I can confidently say it is a leader among anti-snoring devices.

How it Works?

The ZQuiet is a MAD (Mandibular Advancement Device), that is only like other ones I have tested simply due to the category it falls under.  However, with all the extras it has such as it being hinged at the jaw, it is far from the typical MAD.

MAD devices were specifically created to grip the teeth and extend the jaw forward while sleeping.  This prevents the tongue from slipping to the back of the throat and blocking the airway.  If the tongue slips back and blocks the airway, this causes vibrations that lead to snoring which can cause a myriad of health problems.

Personally, since I started using anti-snoring devices I have had more energy during the day, fewer headaches, and have even lost weight!  Snoring decreases the oxygen supply to the blood during the night, which believe it or not, can cause obesity, high blood pressure, fatigue and even more serious issues such as an increased risk of heart attack and stroke.

I can honestly say my quality of life has improved since attacking my snoring problem head on, and my family is happier they do not have to listen to me snore all night.

How does the design of the ZQuiet make it stand out?

As I opened the box after receiving the mouthpiece, the first thing that I immediately noticed was how much more compact it was compared to others I have tested.

In the past, many generic MAD products were thicker and bulkier.  I decided to go over the technologies that made it work before cleaning it and preparing myself for the night.

The first feature that stood out to me was the Living Hinge technology.  This allowed me to open and close my mouth with much more freedom than anything I tested before.  It even goes so far as to advertise you can talk and drink water while wearing it.

I tested this later and indeed I could drink water and speak.  Not entirely coherently because obviously, something was inside my mouth, but compared to anything else I have tried this was the closest to talking I was going to get.

The second stand out feature were the AirFlow posts, which is like air holes that are very common in other MAD devices.

With the AirFlow I would be able to breathe through my mouth, which is very important for me because I suffer from nasal blockage from time to time.  Others who suffer from sinus congestion or allergies will prefer this feature too.  I cannot always breathe through my nose, which makes it a necessity to breathe via my mouth at times.

The third original feature I noticed were the sizing options.  I received two ZQuiets, one with a larger offset than the other.

One size extends the jaw slightly more forward the other one.  I prefer to use the one that has the most extension, but obviously either one can be chosen.

Finally, other aspects of the composition of the mouthpiece are almost standard in the industry now.  The ZQuiet does not contain any BPA (Bisphenol A) or any latex.

These are nice additions to any mouthpiece because I do not want to be in contact with any harmful chemicals for an entire night of sleeping.  Both are hazardous chemicals used to create plastics.

My Experience

Since there was no setup, there was no need to use the boil and bite method I have used so many times in the past.  I chose the ZQuiet with the larger offset and placed it inside my mouth, and quickly noticed how svelte it felt.  It was not bulky or uncomfortable like others I have tried in the past.  The material felt smooth and did not irritate the inside of my mouth at all.  I would like to note that if someone needs to trim off any extra plastic to make the fit feel better, this is not a problem.  I did not need to take this extra step as it already felt fine to me.

Before I went to sleep I decided to try to drink a sip of water, and it worked.  This was something I never could do before; it was always necessary to remove the mouthpiece before any drinking.

I had some initial drooling right away, but after having it in my mouth for a few minutes it subsided.  It felt very easy to have in my mouth, effortless in a way.  I decided to try speaking to my wife, who is not a snorer, and she could understand me while I spoke.  I was ready for bed.

I slept through the entire first night fine and woke up with energy, I knew this meant I did not snore during the night.  I asked my wife if she heard anything from my side of the bed and she confirmed the absence of snoring.  The ZQuiet, as I thought it would be, was a success.  I did have some initial soreness, which is completely normal the first night.  My mouth would have to get used to the position of my jaw with a new device for the soreness to go away.  I continued to use the device for the following two weeks and it only reinforced my initial thought.  This product was one of the best I have ever tried.  No snoring, comfortable, and patented technologies that other devices simply did not have.

How Should I Clean It?

After the first night of use, I always give my products a thorough cleaning.  This requires a toothbrush and toothpaste and a good scrub down.  This is also a longer process, so if I am in a hurry I simply submerge it in some dental solution and swirl it around.  I usually do the toothbrush method once or twice a week, and the rest of the week I use the dental solution method.  Now that the cleaning process was over, I simply placed it inside the case that came with my order and stored it in my nightstand along with all my other appliances.

Who Cannot Use it?

As great as I thought it was, there is a subset of people who cannot use the device.  Like most other MAD devices, this is not a suitable one for those who have crowns, caps, dentures, or similar dental work.  The way MAD devices grip onto the teeth can cause issues with certain types of dental work.  Those with loose teeth might even want to consult a dentist before using this one.

Another issue would be snorers with overbites.  The way in which this extends the lower jaw, someone with an overbite will not be able to hold this position throughout the night.


  • Patented Living Hinge technology which allows you to speak or drink while wearing it. In my opinion made it more comfortable to wear as well.
  • Patented AirFlow technology which makes it easy to breathe through both your nose and mouth. A must for anyone who suffers from allergies or sinus congestion during the night.
  • The material is not irritating and feels soft and comfortable when wearing it.
  • The product is BPA free and latex free. Both harmful chemicals which you do not want to be in contact with for extended periods of time.
  • The product is FDA (Food and Drug Administration) cleared. I prefer products that are FDA cleared since they must pass certain guidelines.
  • The company is accredited by the BBB (Better Business Bureau), another recognition that is better for a company to have.
  • There are two sizes to extend your jaw. One further out for more extension and another for those who do not want to force the jaw out so far.
  • It has a great trial price for 30-days which is only $9.95. You can test it out during the trial period and if you decide to return it you will only end up paying the trial fee.
  • It worked and I felt well rested and energized in the morning.


  • As with other MAD devices, this is not one you should wear if you have crowns, caps, or dentures. The way it grips hard onto the teeth makes it not an option.
  • Any snorers with overbites will not want to use the ZQuiet. The way in which the product extends the lower jaw make it impossible for those with overbites to use it.
  • There are issues with the company and returning the product. After reviewing what others have said about the device, a few seem to be having issues with returns.

How Much Will It Cost and How to Buy it

I found the pricing points to be very reasonable, and the company goes so far as to offer a 30-day trial price for buyers.

I could test the product for 30-days for only $9.95, after which I would have to pay an additional $79.95 for keeping the product.

I was so pleased with it; I did not end up returning it during the trial period.  Please note, that if you decide to return it you will not be refunded the $9.95 you paid.

What do User Reviews say?

Reviews for the product were overwhelmingly positive.  The large majority of the reviews I went over thought the product was effective and a great value.

Many even confirmed the product working since the first night and continuously.

Some examples are:

“Thanks for providing a product that really works. ZQuiet has given me (and more importantly – my wife!) a better sleep since I started using it a few months ago!” – Gerald H. https://www.facebook.com/ZQuiet/posts/1291473684214384

“I sleep on my back or stomach with my mouth closed so I didn’t think the mouth guard would work. It does work, from the first night. I am more rested too. Thanks, Zquiet.” – Janet D. https://www.facebook.com/ZQuiet/posts/1292635710764848

“Takes some time to get used to them BUT I think they actually work!! First snoring device I have purchased with positive results. -TenYearsAfter  https://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R31RY9I5ZE4NP1/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00QAIWRIY

The Business that Makes the Product

The Zquiet is made by a company called Sleeping Well LLC that registered in 2008 in Shelburne, Vermont by a couple named Dan and Katrina Webster.

They developed the ZQuiet with the help of Avery Lieberman, a Doctor of Dental Surgery who for over 20 years has studied sleep medicine, sleep apnea, and snoring appliances.

The company is fully accredited by the BBB with an A rating, and the product is cleared by the FDA.  They have sold over 600,000 in the years since they have been in business, that’s a lot of happy snorers!


This was a home run for me.  The ZQuiet is one of the best products I have ever tested and is in my rotation of regular devices that I use consistently.

I could breathe through my mouth and nose normally and there was no irritation when wearing it.  My snoring was eliminated and I slept like a baby.

My wife even commented on how I did not wake up the entire night or bother her with any snoring.  The Living Hinge and Airflow technology are one of a kind and work great.

I can confidently recommend this product to anyone who is in the market to buy their first anti-snoring device or try a different one to use with their other purchases.

Remember, your results might be different; but with all the features I think it could be the best over the county mouthpiece available on the market.

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