See The World Through The Eyes Of Truth!

See The World Through The Eyes Of Truth!When I was a kid I did not have an idea about what the world is and how it runs. I was immature and I saw the world through the eyes of my parents and other elders. They taught me the art of living in this world and surviving and sustaining the forces of this life. When I grew up and entered college I became a bit independent. In that stage, I saw the world mostly through the eyes of my friends in college. Their influence on my mind and life is unforgettable. Today I realise how easily the influence of my elders and parents got washed away in the tide of the new relations at college.

That was the stage when my thinking and my ideology started taking shape. I never knew what would be the end product or the consequences of this thinking and ideology which was developing steadily; I just became a part of the drift so easily without even giving it a thought of what is right and what is wrong. It was a feeling of independence probably in the wrong sense and that of a free bird that had just learnt to fly in open air. My thoughts had no boundaries then, I was ready to explore anything and everything and that could not be controlled by any external forces.

At a later stage an unknown person entered my life who became a partner and a companion for the entire life and once again here my outlook of life changed. I started seeing the world through her eyes, started seeing what she saw and thought the way she did. She influenced my decision and my actions in every stage of life. The influence of my parents and friends had wiped off to give place to a replacement by that new friend. Everything felt good and was going on fine. But today things have changed. Those elders are not there nor are those friends around. Not just that but even the one who became a life partner is not around. Today I do not know with whose eyes I should see the world as I became so much habituated and dependent on others’ point of view.

Incidents that took place in the course of life have changed my understanding and my definitions of life. I saw the world through the eyes of different individuals. I never thought what the truth is and what they saw was right or wrong. Because of such attitude, today I find myself nowhere. Today I fail to understand whom should I believe and who should I not. My ideology of life has come up under a question mark and that too in the final stages of life. Today I do feel that the problem was that I never made an attempt to realise what life is all about. I hardly ever gave a thought that life is valuable and time is less and work is more. I just got carried away with the visions and view of my friends and surrounding people without using my own mind.

My parents did teach me what was needed to sustain in this world but it was I who failed to walk ahead on that path. Childhood passed teenage came and passed by and middle age too passed by and time continued to flow at its usual rate but I failed to walk with time and let loose those precious moments that I could have used to make this life meaningful.

The problem was not with others but it was with me who saw the world through the eyes of others. I do not say that there is something wrong in it. It is just that I could not use my sense of what I should follow and till what extent should I follow. There were people who taught me good things and their influence was invaluable but then I preferred to see things the way I wanted to and through the eyes of only those people whom I wanted to.

This story of an unknown person tells us a lot on what we as individuals need to do in life. Our actions and our ideologies decide our fate. If suppose a person does not give importance to a small quarrel between his friend and him then he will be much more relaxed compared to one who sits with the grudge in one corner of the heart. Thus here our action and this ideology decide the end result in form of our attitude towards the one who we are in a quarrel with. It is just the way we look at things.

We usually try to analyse and understand things the way the world has taught us or rather the way we usually see it happening around. Hence from the above life story what we need to learn is not to see the world just through others’ eyes or through our own eyes. If you go by others vision without thinking about what is appropriate and what is not then you are letting your brain and thoughts rust out. When you follow simply your own vision then too you are not sure whether you are right or wrong because your vision could be limited to certain extent.

One must see the world with the idea of knowing the truth. There are a number of people around, all have different ideas and different preferences, and everyone thinks differently and acts differently. Thus if you try to view things from your point of view alone then It will get difficult for you. One needs to make up their mind to see the world and the things in it in their true sense and the way it is. Accepting something wrong and seeing things in that sense is as good as calling a spoon a folk and a folk a bowl. One who understands and accepts truth in its true sense can never be sad or will never find himself in a state which has been described in the above story.

The above story is not meant to hurt anyone’s sentiments and has not been picked up from any particular person’s life directly. It is just an imaginary way to relate one to a very common aspect of this life. It has been brought in to make one realise or rather push one into that thinking mode where one might succeed in finding their own selves amidst the crowd in this world. So all I want to say is that see the world the way it is and not the way you want it to be.

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