Social Empowerment and Relationships

Social Empowerment and RelationshipsRecently during a casual conversation with some relatives, the topic of women empowerment raised. It was actually in context of the number of divorces, break-ups happening between the married or engaged couples. The point that came up here was about woman empowerment. In the past, many of us have either read or heard about the discrimination that was prevalent in the society with respect to woman.

There was a society where women did not have any rights for themselves. Women were denied right to education, and they did not have a say in the family decisions. A number of false beliefs and practices were also prevailing in the society. Such beliefs and practices only worked against the interests and ideas of women. Exploitation of women, domestic violence towards her, lack of health services were the different forms of atrocities faced by women in the past.

Women empowerment is a major change that the society today has witnessed. It has helped women retain their social as well as financial status in the society. With this, conflicts between married and engaged individuals have increased. Do not take me wrong! I do not intend to go against the idea of woman empowerment. As I mentioned, it is one of the significant changes and improvements the society has ever witnessed. What comes to mind is that today woman is able to take her decisions herself and empowerment has helped her become independent.

Today they have the right to education. They are able to think about what is good for them and what is not. Many of them are self-employed and many of them earn their living by working with some employer. They equally contribute towards the financial upbringing of the family. It is not the man alone who earns for the family. In context with issue of divorces, the main point to note here is that males have a natural ego in them. Those who can win over this negative emotion, it’s good for them, but the major lot cannot work on it or actually find it difficult. With their wives equally contributing to the family earnings, this male ego somewhere aggravates in cases where the wife is having a better position than the husband.

This leads to ego issues and unwanted arguments and conflicts from husband’s side. Wife being independent enough to help herself does not usually give up over the situation and eventually the relationship distance increases. I’d once again like to highlight the point that this argument here is not against women empowerment.

Whereas the husband is concerned, the society has always taught him that man is superior to woman. The roots of this thinking have been sown in his mind since his childhood. He has seen such instances and lived in such a background where woman has always been considered inferior. Such male ego has not only affected man’s ideology towards woman but has also become a part and parcel of his day-to-day activities. Again, this argument is only covering up the major bunch and not the exceptional cases. The society is definitely never devoid of these exceptions that are there to bring about a change.

Anyways, then is there a solution to the increasing issues of divorces and break-ups happening in the society? Yes there is. The best solution is the ideal one wherein the married or engaged couples live with a broader mindset and allow each other enough space to open up their ideas. But we know that situations are not always so easy. Things are much more complicated than we think.

For this, one needs to understand the true sense of being empowered and then one can make a difference. Empowerment gives women as well as men a weapon to think, analyze and understand and work towards betterment of not only own self but also of the other people around. Rather than living with the idea that “I am empowered and independent” and letting the relationship end, both the individuals can make use of their understanding and broader mindset to settle up the things.

Empowerment should be looked upon as an ability to help own self in the worst of the situations that one could have to face in life. It is a tool to make oneself independent and able enough to build up a secure future for own self as well as the family. Getting carried away with emotions such as false pride, ago is one of the common mistakes we all make when we are empowered and when we live with these false emotions, we are unable to find a unanimous solution to the issues.

With empowerment, what is required is love, care, compassion and an ability to adjust and compromise in different situations. This can definitely help both the married individuals work upon keeping up the essence of their relationship.

Thus the individuals in the society need to understand what is appropriate and what is not. Right understanding is always available. We just need to think. In what sense the tool of empowerment should be used is totally dependent upon us. Our thinking can either leave the society with its traditional ideas and it can even trigger a change for good. We are independent to take our decisions and give a direction to our future.

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