Success and Failure is in Our Minds! Stay Positive in Every Moment

Success and Failure is in Our Minds!With a view of making an identity of our own self, we struggle day in and day out. We initiate, we plan, we work and we see the results for ourselves. In this process, what is most necessary is to understand the overall idea that one must keep in mind or rather the intention with which one must move ahead in this entire process that I jotted down above. We are taking some or the other form of risk every moment.

What defines a risk? When we are uncertain of the outcome, we can call that action as a form of risk. It is because we are unaware about the results that we might have to face. Those results can be positive and even negative. Negative results are many times horrifying and are strong enough to put one into a state of trauma. Hence before we take a risk, it is important that we are ready or rather we take this risk with a particular mindset. That mindset is gifted to us in these words of Swami Vivekananda.

Take Risks In Your Life, If You Win, You Can Lead! If You Lose, You Can Guide!

                                            -Swami Vivekananda

Swami Vivekananda’s above words speak a lot about his own approach towards life. That approach is in being positive in every stage of life. With the help of an example of taking risks in life, he teaches us that not only positive but also the negative results of a risk can be taken positively.

This is the mindset which I was talking about above. That it is good to take risks, but it more important to realize the fact that consequences can turn in the opposite direction and hence in such a situation, we must be ready to face it fearlessly. When the results turn out in your favour, take it as an opportunity to lead; to lead those who are trying to walk on the same path.  Since you have succeeded in the risk that you had taken, you are aware about the pros and cons of choosing this path. You know where to stop and where to grab the opportunity that has come; you know what actions can lead to a downfall or what actions can turn the situation against you.

Thus your success can help others understand a lot about the path that you have chosen. Now let’s look at the negative part. If you lose in your endeavour, again you can take it positively. It is your own choice and thinking. Since you have taken this risk and have lost the battle somewhere, you can still help others understand the pros and cons of that path. Answers to questions like, ‘Why did you lose?’, ‘What were your shortcomings?’, ‘By what approach you could have succeeded?’, ‘What to do?’, ‘What not to do?’ will come from you. Since you have gone through all this, thus you can very well guide others walk on this path and achieve what you could not.

Swami Vivekananda thus teaches us to stay positive in every walk of life. It is an independent decision. No one can force us to stay negative and cry over our failures. It is we who need to change our mindset. Most of us today find it difficult to understand this and grasp the failure that we have come across. We have trained our mind in such a manner that we want to only win, not lose at any cost. But we forget that we are humans and are bound to make mistakes. Being unable to accept the defeat, we:

  • Fall into a psychological depression
  • Start blaming others or the external factors for our defeat
  • Fail to realize our own true potential
  • Block our own road in future endeavours
  • Fail to appreciate others and learn their positive attributes

Instead of falling into the above mentioned blockholes, one needs to realize a simple fact. Let’s say you have already lost a battle. Whatever had to happen has happened. By no means can you change the results. So when you have anyways lost, what’s the point in crying over it? Rather make an attempt to learn something that will help you in future. Why learn something that will not let you ever rise again?

It is just a matter of the correct understanding. That is possible only when one is ready to put down his/her ego and is willing to take things ahead with an open mind.

Here we have been talking in context of taking risks in life. But it is applicable in every situation. It is because we humans perceive every incident as either a profit or a loss game. And if we perceive things with this point of view, then we will definitely be affected by its results too. Thus the idea of taking things positively is applicable in every step of life and every move we make.

If we understand it, nothing better than that! If we cannot, no one will be able to help us because we are not ready to help our own selves.

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