Suicide Is Not An End To The Problems, Forgiveness Is!

Forgive Yourself Today To Forgive OthersA child committed suicide after failing in examinations. A mother killed herself after facing the atrocities from her in-laws’ end. A farmer killed himself because he was not able to earn sufficient enough to feed his family. These are just a few examples which we read every day in the newspaper. If we learn the real statistics, we will be shocked to understand how many people commit suicide each day. It is not just the case with under-developed or developing countries. The scenario is the same in developed countries as well. This shows that the problem lies somewhere in the basic mindset of the people.

The problem is that we have never learnt the quality of forgiveness. Forgiving not only others but even our own self. In this fast paced world, we have tied ourselves with so many expectations and above all we have forced that condition to fulfil those expectations to the extent that the day we find our dreams breaking, we blame ourselves and are unable to forgive ourselves.

The decision to end this life doesn’t come up so easily. It’s a constant contemplation over days and months which impels one to come up to this decision. Being self-critic is a good thing, but to some extent and that too in the right direction and with the right thinking. But one who commits suicide cannot be really called a self-critic. It is more of a game of fulfilment of expectations and a belief that there is no end to one’s problems.

When we think from the side of such a person, we can feel gloominess in their heart. They find themselves helpless. They are sad, they are alone even in a crowd of hundreds, they are lonely, they feel that they have no one who are ready to hear them out, they feel there is no end to their problem, they want to smile, but are unable to do so, they have tears within their eyes which are afraid to fall as they are unable to believe that someone is there for them, someone who needs them, someone who is living for them. They have placed a heavy rock on their soul and believes that the problems to their solutions is ending this life, the life which must be used for the betterment of others as well as own selves.

It is very important for such a person to learn to love own self. These values must be instilled in the minds of the young children right from the start, from the time they enter this world. They must be taught to forgive their own self. We all say that forgiveness is one of the most essential attribute of a living being. But a person cannot imbibe this quality within his own self unless he first learns to forgive himself.

For this a parent needs to forgive his/her child upon failing in the school examinations and teach him to stand up against the forces of life, a grandparent must learn to be independent and reduce his expectations from his grandchildren who have decided to abandon him, a woman needs to learn to defend herself rather than falling down to the atrocities of their family members.

It is at the end all in our thoughts. It is our basic thinking which needs to be targeted to deal with problems of suicidal tendencies. Our basic upbringing makes a big difference and plays an important role in this thinking of ours. Right from the childhood, a child needs to be taught,

  • To live every moment to make it memorable
  • To live fearlessly in any and every situation in life
  • To forgive own self and even others
  • To value the importance of this life
  • To believe that problems are temporary and there is always a solution
  • That there is someone out there to hear them
  • That there is someone who values your life more than you do
  • That suicide is just an act of weakness and not strength

Suicide is also an end-product of depression which is a state of gloominess and sadness. When one’s expectations are not met and when one finds situations moving in the opposite direction, they eventually fall in a state of depression, where they are unable to think of anything else but their failures or unexpected action from others. In many cases, depression leads to committing suicide when one gets frustrated with the everyday sadness clouding their mind.

Hope is always there, you just need the right visionWhatever be the reasons, the fact is that things can change if due time is given to own self. Forgive yourself today, love yourself today and believe in the fact that there is much more to life than just living with the failures and all those bad events occurring. They are just a phase to make you stronger and to teach you the skill to stand up against anything that you perceive as menacing and impossible to overcome. Hope is always there, you just need the right vision.


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