The Purpose of Life

The Purpose of LifeThere was this boy who used to live life quite casually. He was from a financially well settled family. After passing school, he went on to junior college followed by graduation. Things were moving on quite smoothly without many hassles in life until one day he came across someone who gave him a purpose to live this life. That day he understood that the life he was living till date was like that of any other person who actually is not aware of why he is living and what exactly the fact behind his existence in this nature is. Things changed from that day onwards and he started living for that one purpose. It was as if he got enlightened.

Hence forth, whatever came ahead in life; be it job, earning a good income, marriage, children and later moving into old age, everything went on like a routine; something which everyone goes through. But from within, the true reason for his living was that one motive, that goal which he aimed to achieve.

All of us need to adopt this attitude in life. Do not just live this life plainly; the way anyone else does. There has to be some reason or motivation behind our living or else what sense does this living makes to us? Everyday routine like studies, job, marriage, and later retirement, and one day life ends. That’s it??? Our life is that cheap? What’s next?

Throughout your life you must keep looking for that one purpose that will motivate you to live life. Rest of the routine is common and it goes on. Here when I talk about a purpose, it is not about earning big money and making a big name or achieving fame in the society. Rather it has to be something that introduces you to your own self, something that helps you explore your inner qualities and worth. I do not mean that you turn a blind eye towards your duties; but keep fulfilling them keeping in mind the main idea that you need to nourish and live every moment with; that one important purpose I’m talking about. An inspiring quote on this subject:

The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

                                                               -Robert Byrne

A life without purpose is like walking in dark without candle and that too confidently that there are no obstacles on the ground. So what could be that one main purpose? If you are not able to find it then take a vow that you’ll at least live this life for the quality of humanity; to love every person as far as possible, and develop and spread brotherhood amongst the people; that if someone is helping you then in return you make an effort to help 3 others and tell them to in turn help 3 others and the chain will keep expanding and somewhere at some point in life everyone will understand what it feels like to live life for the sake of humanity.

Realize Your Purpose of Life

Realize Your Purpose of Life

In this way you are actually helping your own self to develop your inner qualities of humbleness and kindness and compassion for others as well as your own self, which eventually becomes the main purpose of your living. Once this life ends, it is these inner qualities of yours that will stay lightened in the heart of others and will motivate them and not the money and fame that you have earned. Those are more of materialistic value and will stay for a short period of time only.

What I mean here might not immediately take effect inside you. I’m sure many might not agree and few who agree might find it difficult to implement but at least believe in this kind of a living so that someday in some moment of life this method might prick you and you will be able to relate with my thoughts in a better way that time. That moment you will realize the true intention and the benefits behind following this path.

Life is short and we really can’t let it go waste. There is so much good left to be done that we cannot afford to spend time in the petty issues and fights, ego, revenge and such negative attitudes and actions. Every moment wherein you can do something good, go for it! That one small moment is also really difficult to find. So look for it every time and everywhere.

Go ahead and find a positive purpose for your living; a purpose that will lighten up your inner qualities of love, compassion, truth and humility and even guide others to walk on the same path to find their own self. When this happens, you would have lived your life to the fullest in true sense.

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Echstein says December 2, 2014

This is something that very few know.The purpose of life is to live for humanity and do as much as possible to make this place a better tomorrow for the human race and all living things. Though selfishness in embedden in our genes, we have the ablity to think and hence come to this conclusion to live for humanity. Nice Article, which should be given a lot of publicity.

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