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Glass is Half Full or Half Empty!When was the last time you were sad because of some incident or an event that took place in your life? Like most of the people, you must have entered a gloomy state and must have wished that this phase passes away at the earliest. You must have cribbed over the incident and the fact that it happened to you alone and not others. Such events are a common one at a workplace, or in family life, or in a friend circle or in your personal life.

In all these situations – if you give it a thought – one thing applies commonly and that is your outlook towards life which is driven by the way you look at things. Let’s understand this with a very common question that has been served in front of us every now and then in life. Do you see the glass as half full or half empty? This question has become so common that we have become immune to any thought or understanding that is coming ahead of us in this respect. But it is necessary to understand the logic or the idea behind this question. Our answer – not completely, but to some extent – is actually our own definition of success and failure, of wins and losses, of happiness and sadness in life. It says a lot about how we perceive things and how we would react in a particular situation.

It goes without saying that our outlook or our point of view must be a positive one filled with hopes and efforts to overcome the hard times. When you fall into a testing situation, such an attitude and mindset does not gives a solution to our problems, rather it helps us gain enough strength and courage to stay firm against the tide and reach the shores.


If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change

                                                           -Wayne Dyer


The Way We Look At Things Attitude

Let us consider a very small and simple example from the life of a college student. Suppose you are a student who remains uninvited at a friend’s birthday party due to some reason. You do not know whether that friend purposely left you out or whether it just slipped his mind amidst the busy schedule of the party arrangements. Now it is really a matter of consideration as to what will be your attitude and your take in this situation.

  • Would you mind his ignorance or his carefree attitude of not inviting you?
  • Would you stop talking and interacting with that friend?
  • Would you be ignorant to his actions and continue to look upon your friendship positively? Or would you consider some other options apart from the ones mentioned here?

Whatever you do will portray your attitude towards many other situations that you would face in life. In this case, The Way We Look At Things Attitude explains us that rather than being judgemental and taking any decision, you must wait for time to pass by and stay positive. You must forget the fact that you were uninvited to your friend’s party and look upon your friendship in the same manner as you used to do in the past before this event.

The next day you meet up that friend, you should be as friendly and calm as you were before. If at all you find that your friend is not interested in keeping up this friendship then too you should let him free positively without developing any kind of grudge against him; after all he is independent to decide what he wants and what he does not want. No one can influence his decision. Yes, one can always suggest what is right or what is wrong, but the same cannot be enforced upon the other.

Thus in this case, you should be ignorant about whatever reaction you get from your friend and be open to accept whatever comes ahead. Ask yourself the right questions and contemplate in the right direction such as “Why do I expect that things will always go as per my wish?”, “I do not want to hold any kind of grudge against anyone”, “I want to broaden my mindset and focus upon development of my skills and qualities rather than giving importance to petty issues”.

If even after such an attitude, you find your friend willing to end up the relation due to any reason, then take it easily without growing bitterness for him within you and just move on with life.

Thus with this small example, we can understand what should be our behaviour or rather our outlook which eventually directs our behaviour in life. Corresponding to any situation or event in life, we have multiple options as an action that we can opt for, but those actions depend upon The Way We Look At Things Attitude.

It is just the matter of changing the thought process and nothing more. After a conscious application of this attitude, you will realise that you need not take efforts to behave in this manner rather this behaviour will become a part of you in everyday life. Try it today itself.

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