This New Year, Rise for a Change!

Change in Society is in Our HandsThe New Year has finally arrived. So what are our plans for this year, for this month or rather for the day? Every year brings along with itself a set of plans, some ideas or thoughts that needs to be executed, which needs to be put into action. Those ideas will be those which change our entire life. Those ideas are the ones which makes a difference to us as a part of a family, or to the family as a part of the society.

Last year the world has seen some major events that took place; some events which shook the pillars of the existing society. Those events forced the authorities around the world to once again give a thought to what the individual in the society craves for. Examples of the US Presidential elections which showed Barack Obama his way back to the White house, the revolt which took place in Delhi in favour of the Jan Lokpal Bill and also the ongoing protests going on in support of the gang-rape victim in Delhi speaks a lot about the changing human mindset. It spoke a lot about what the people of the society wants and what future they are looking forward to for their own self as well as the coming generations.

Of course, I do not say that all such protests and revolts were justified. In some cases, they were not and in some they were. Also amongst those wherein the motive was justified, their means to get their demands bought into execution were incorrect somewhere. But that shows that society has all kinds of individuals.

So what is it that we as an individual must look for in this New Year; something that will bring about a change in the society? How can we put this change into action?

Year by year is just passing away and it will go on like that as it is intended to. But we as an individual need to give it a thought; we need to think what are we gaining out of it. In what way are we making a difference to the society? We know that there are a number of evil forces prevailing in the society. We will continue to blame the governments and other authorities but really what are we doing on our part. There are gang rapes, murders, extortion and we are just casual about it. Obviously there are many who are trying their bit but change cannot be brought alone. It needs support of every individual.

Change is necessary and should be a positive oneAll this needs to be changed. I do not intend to provoke anyone in the wrong direction. Also violence is not something that I promote. Violence can never be a solution to any problem. Non-violence is the weapon if one truly wishes to see a change in its true form. If the base of the society is violence, how can we even dream about a society which is equal to all, which breaks the barriers of castes and looks upon every individual as equal, one which does not recognize the difference between rich and the poor?

We all understand that human revolt is powerful enough to shake the pillars of any existing system. But to live the dream of an ideal society in reality, this revolt needs a specific and determined direction. Every individual has enough energy to build up his own character, but to mould the character in the best and the true shape, an experienced and rather sensible hand is needed, without which the energy will be directed only in the wrong direction.

The true leader understands that the society needs to be developed on the grounds of love, compassion and humanity. The revolt which will then turn up will be one which will display these qualities and attributes. This is definitely not easy. For this, one needs dedication and a will to help others as well as own self, a will to realize what is the truth.

All this is possible when one begins by helping own self. One needs to understand the value of life of others as well as self. When one gives a specific direction to his own life to make it meaningful, only then can he contribute to the upbringing of this society.

Protests which are taking place in Delhi right now against the gang rapes and such other evils are a beginning. To see a success ahead, it needs endurance and patience as things won’t change overnight. It needs to clear the picture about the values on the basis of which change needs to be brought about. It will require efforts and dedication of months and months together. We need to think are we ready for it or not. We need to become a part of the system to change the system. Without hatred or aversion for anyone, to fight for what is truth and truth alone needs dedication. That will help in building a truly socialist society, one which promotes equal distribution of power and also love and respect for each other.

So this New Year, let’s make a resolution that we need to do something for our own self as well as others. 31st night is over and so is the party. We need to wake up now to witness the change coming ahead and also become a part of it.

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