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What are the basic values that you want to give your child?It is quite natural that right from the time a child is born, one of the most concerning areas for his parents is the values that the child will inherit or develop in himself during the course of his growth from childhood to adolescence. This is the period which decides the course that the child’s life will be taking. The experiences in this period and the incidents and learning that the child goes through create an impression in his mind.

In a number of cases, the impression created on child’s mind from these learning directly influence his ideas and thoughts. Though, in many cases, children do get mature enough to instill the correct values in themselves over time. Whatever be the case, for parents, it becomes a big responsibility to understand the ideas and values that their children learn and eventually direct the course of their life.

In today’s society, where social media is on a rise and where parents are not the only ones who influence a child’s thinking, it is a tough job for parents to strengthen the roots of their teachings so that in future the child is able to withstand any external force that he might come across. During their growth, children constantly interact with other family members. In schools and colleges, they interact with their teachers and friends who come from a different background. Along with these, exposure to social media adds to the factors that influence a child’s mind.

With so many ideas and opinions coming across, the child needs to learn to take the correct stand along with sticking to the values instilled by his parents.

In this article, I am not focusing on what values parents must give their child to sustain a stable future rather I would like to focus on the basic teachings that the child must get in order to understand the values taught by their parents more clearly and without any doubt.


These teachings are particularly the way parents must interact with them or the way the values must be explained to them. Here are some points that parents must take care of:

What are the building blocks of a child's character?

  • Child learns a lot from parents’ behaviour and interaction

A child always follows his parents’ footsteps. The way parents behave and interact with other family members directly influence the child’s ideas and thinking. For a young child in majority of cases, it is difficult to analyze what is wrong and what is not. For such a child, his parents’ actions and emotions are a learning which he takes. Hence, parents must be alert about their own actions and behaviour which directly affects child’s development and mindset.

  • Keep transparency with child

Imagine a situation where you are told to do some work without being given any insights into that task. You might perform that task but half-heartedly. It is because you do not know the reason for doing that task or you do not know the positive points about that work. Same goes on in a child’s mind when you simply tell him that he must never lie. In such a case, he will tend to forget this teaching at some stage because he does not know the consequences. So whatever values are given to a child, make sure that he is explained the consequences, the negative as well as positive points of it.

When the child understands the advantages and disadvantages, somewhere the teachings will be recollected whenever he falls in such a situation.

  • Let the teachings reflect in your own actions and character

What you have taught your child will strengthen in his mind, especially when it will reflect in your own character. As I have mentioned in the first point that the parents’ actions influence a child’s mindset. Hence, when that what you have taught your child will reflect in your own action, it will point out to the child that it is not just for the sake of saying but it can even be implemented in day-to-day life.

  • Real life examples are easy to relate with

During the course of your child’s growth, you will be coming across numerous instances from which all of us can learn. Children find it easy to relate your teachings with real world examples. That will strengthen the roots of your teachings and the values that you have given.

  • Spend quality time with your child

It is very much essential to spend enough amount of time with your child where you can laugh together, share your thoughts and ideas and hence strengthen your bond. This in reality not only strengthens the bonding between the two of you but also influences the child to walk on the path that you have shown him. So speak to him whenever you find time. Just a casual talk about his daily experiences and about his school and friends will help your relationship grow stronger. Your care and love that you show him will boost this bonding.

  • Do not enforce your teachings

Many a time, the child needs his own time to understand the idea behind your teachings. Enforcing your teachings might agitate him. So be calm and allow him his own time to learn things. It might take months. But whenever a related instance occurs, do bring it to his notice so that for that one moment your teaching will strike him. So give him his own time.


I would once again bring it to notice that the above points are not the values but are rather the basic building blocks on which the values that the child will instill can stand upon. Without these basic values, the child is likely to get confused when a situation occurs.

Society and the social media will project a number of different viewpoints which are strong enough to make him doubt his own values and the understanding about what is right and what is wrong. So the above points have been listed to help a child create a strong base where he can withstand every force and can gain the right understanding in every walk of life. Hence, with constant practice, and love and care, parents can help their child sustain the harsh times of this life.

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