What are the different ways to build trust?

Trust is something that develops over time. Every moment when you interact with someone, you are creating an impression of yours on the mind of that opposite person. Every word that you speak, every eye contact that you make, every gesture of yours plays an important role in the process of building up trust. But it is practically not possible to think about each of these points while interacting with someone. After all, we are human, and hence rather than thinking about these points, we must focus on working upon the root ideas or points that directly influence all of these actions of ours.

What are the different ways of building trust?So below are some of the ways in which one can build trust or rather mould one’s own inner self so that others can trust them:

Speak the truth

No one likes to hear a lie. We all crave for truth. It is a different thing that we all might not follow the path of truth, but when it comes to knowing facts, we cannot hear a lie. That’s human nature. So build an attitude to speak the truth as well as hear the truth. This is not only good for your own personality, but it also marks an impression on opposite person’s mind with respect to your overall character.

Learn to accept mistakes

Speaking and hearing truth applies to your own self, especially when you commit a mistake. At such a moment, your attitude will make a difference. You must be one who is ready to accept own mistakes and not just that, but even make an effort to improve upon them. Keep an attitude to improve every moment and learn from every person around.

Be positive

I have spoken about having a positive attitude in number of previous articles and I’ll continue the same here. Such a mindset will help you in every situation of life and even in this case. Be positive in every walk of life, without letting negative emotions overcome your life. There will be situations where things will be uncontrollable or very difficult. Your approach towards the issues in such a situation will give an idea about your personality to others who will be interacting with you. So be positive!

Be compassionate towards others

“Being compassionate”, these two words include being humble towards all, showing gratitude towards all and also helping and caring for every person whenever needed and in whichever situation.

Consider all as equals

Considering all as equals is directly related to being compassionate. If you cannot treat all as equals, how can you be compassionate towards all? Such a biased attitude can in no way help you build trust with others. It is because if for some reason you are biased with someone, it is very likely that for some other reasons you will start taking another side in future. Taking a stand is not wrong. But you must take a stand for truth. You must have the courage to tell your friend that he/she is wrong on an idea and that you are able enough to take the opposite stand.

Love is a key to trust

Love alone is strong enough to overcome every obstacle, every problem and every negative emotion and quality. With love alone you can win every race in the world and thus building trust with others is also a part of that. Your loving nature is capable enough to tell someone, “Yes, you can trust me!” So this love should be for all and not just one. It becomes biased otherwise.


Each of the above ways is somehow related to each other and thus goes hand in hand. Lower intensity of any of these qualities, directly affect the other. But that does not mean we do not make an effort to work upon them. Things change slowly. Everything needs its own time and so does development of qualities. Conscious efforts and a will to improve are the driving forces in this development process.

Even after building up such character, you might feel that you have not been able to win some people. But then, keep up the efforts from your side. Whether opposite person trusts you or not is his/her own decision or stand. You cannot control it. All you can control is your own attitude towards life. So keep up the spirit and move on!

Again I would like to remind you that all these qualities directly create an impression on opposite person’s mind. Thus that trust will keep getting stronger as and when these qualities improve.

In case of any doubts, do write back.

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Ashish C. More says June 29, 2013

Good Article

But, is it practical; will somebody who has broken someone’s trust admit it!
are the relations strong now-a-days that some body actually does it!

I don’t want the one who has broken my trust to say sorry or admit his/her mistake. I want my relation with him/her to be so trustworthy that the person can freely tell me about the fact and make me understand the situation.

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