What is it that gives a true meaning to our life?

I found this inspirational video and thought of sharing it with more and more people. This video is a reflection of the life that most of us are currently living. Most of us fail to understand what the sole purpose of this life is. We spend our entire life struggling to accumulate materialistic objects and running behind those luxuries which are not permanent.

I do not say that one must not strive to provide all possible comforts to their families. But one must not become adamant and put a condition for fulfillment of these wishes and desires. These comforts or the luxuries do support our lives but these are definitely not the ones that give a meaning to our life. Values like love, truth, compassion and forgiveness give a real meaning to our lives.

Hope you all find this video inspiring enough to trigger a change in your life.

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Aanyaa says November 8, 2012

Beautiful video!

Thank you for posting.

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