Whom Should We Live This Life for – Others or Our Own Self?

Whom Should We Live This Life for – Others or Our Own Self?Before we get into the core idea of this question, the first question which needs to be cleared up is, “What does living the life for one’s own self mean?” From the top view one might say that I want to live the life in my own way wherein I’d be allowed to do what I want to; I’d be allowed to speak what I want to; live the life the way I want to and act in the way I want to. One would find this behaviour or ideology common amongst the teenagers and children. They always love to do things in their own way. It is not wrong but it is natural as they have not really got acquainted with the realities of the world and the responsibilities that one needs to take care of.

This is just one aspect of this question of “Living life for one’s own self.” The second aspect and rather a more detailed and the real aspect which should be the answer to this question is something like this: to live life for my own self wherein I live life with the idea of internal self-development of my soul. Such a self-development implies development of qualities of love, compassion, truth and suppression and control over anger, hatred and jealousy. In short, all those qualities that help one build up an ideal character out of one’s self get included in this aspect of “living life for my own self.

The first aspect which is mentioned above is something that might not be well thought and understood and is being followed with an unclear vision. There are chances that living life with such an attitude might overlook the core human qualities of love, compassion and truth. Suppose one says that I want to live life my way and do things in my own way. Then in this case, that way could be a wrong one too. Hence it is always better if we concentrate on the second aspect more when we say that I want to live life for my own self. When the mind is directed in this direction, all your actions happen with the correct understanding. Henceforth, in this article we would be considering the second aspect and understand the answer to the main question of this article.

The main question of this article is that whom should we live this life for; for others or for self? There are many situations wherein we behave and act according to the outside world. We dress up in a way to look well organized to the world and there is nothing wrong in that. Many of our routine tasks of self-cleanliness and staying fit are small examples where we – to some extent only – do act according to the outside world. We stay in families and groups of relatives, neighbours, colleagues and friends. We deal with different types of people day in and day out.

With all these in place, do you really think one can avoid acting as per others? It is difficult. One has to think, speak and act according to the time, place, situation, people and the context in which they are dealing with. When all these factors are in sync, only then one can be known to have acted appropriately.

Also, along with such a behaviour and attitude, one must live for development of one’s own inner qualities every moment. In every action one must be alert that their inner qualities are not getting tainted in any way. Many a times one will fall in a situation wherein you need to behave strictly and even sound a bit tough to make impact and bring forth the truth, but one must even take care that at that moment, he/she stays detached from such a behaviour internally. The right understanding is required – that such rough behaviour was required in that scenario but it is not that you promote such behaviour. It is very much possible that even in that situation you let your qualities untouched from those impurities. It is because it’s all in your feelings and minds and emotions and not the outward behaviour alone.

Hence, live the life for your own self every moment along with living the same for others wherever, whenever and in whatever amount it is required. From outside it might seem that you live for others but it is up to you to make this life meaningful and live it for your own self from inside every moment.

Think about it!!!

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