Why is it that many people make false opinion about other person’s nature? What should we do in such a situation?

What others should think and what they should not is not and will never be in our hands. Every person is independent enough to take their own decisions, to workaround situations by themselves. Similarly every person is independent to have an opinion about a person or a situation. Yes, many times those opinions or stands are incorrect and not justified; the ones which you call false opinion.

People generally make a false opinion about other people because they do not look and analyze things from every point of view. They understand things from a single point of view and accordingly, based on their preconceived notions, they happen to take an incorrect stand or make a false opinion about the other person.

When one tries to analyze the situation or the opposite person’s actions from all angles, they will realize that things are not the same any more. They will then realize that they need to broaden their mindset and keep it open enough to have space for something that is unknown or unfamiliar. They will then realize that depending on the situation and the place and time, the opposite person had to react and thus they will then understand that things have to be understood accordingly.

When you face such people, you can always guide them and explain them the truth. It is not always the person’s fault. Many of us face this issue that at many instances we comprehend the opposite person’s behaviour wrongly. So with a positive approach, you must explain the truth to that person. There is no harm in that. In fact, that is good if you can help someone broaden their overall perspective towards life. But once you make the things clear in front of that person, it is up to him/her to accept the truth. You can never force someone. If you keep such expectations that what you have told should be accepted by others who are wrong, then you are doing no good to yourself.

It is because it is you who would be living with that grudge or who would get annoyed unnecessarily. So it is better that you make an attempt or two to clear up the misconceptions, but without keeping any kind of false expectations. Yes, you can always wish that others also understand what it wrong and what is not. So if someone is not ready to believe you or accept the truth, then let go off the discussion there itself with a positive hope for others improvement.

Now imagine, I am suggesting a solution to someone on this blog. I can only give a suggestion. To put it into practise or to read it and leave it is up to the readers. If I start making false expectations or become adamant that others should listen to me, then I would never come out of the feeling of aversion. I do not say that I’m always right, but it’s just an example.

One point you need to note here is that you also need to understand who are the people you are dealing with. If it is someone whom you do not know very well, then it might not be possible to start explaining them your part straight away. Thus, what I mean is that you will have to decide whether you should actually try explaining the things to the other person or not depending on your acquaintance with that person. Many times it could happen that you know a person’s attitude and mindset and accordingly you will have to decide what step you should take.

So make the best attempt from you end and leave the rest for others to decide.

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