Win Over Your New Year Resolutions!

Win Over Your New Year ResolutionsThe New Year is finally at the door. Every individual across the globe has a number of expectations from the coming year. People have started making plans for execution in the coming New Year. Hopes, expectations, ambitions, desires, determination and resolutions are on the peak. Some are looking forward to some achievements in their jobs, some are awaiting special moments and plans with the families. Like every year, the coming New Year has hidden a lot of stuff in its bag for different individuals. Amongst this entire jumble lies a small idea in every person’s mind. That is the New Year resolution.

Different New Year resolutions are in the making. Most common ones amongst them are to quit smoking, quit alcohol, never speak lie, to get rid of a particular habit and many others. (Hahaha!)And we all know how many of these resolutions succeed. Hardly would we find an individual who has actually succeeded in keeping up the resolution. We notice that after a month or two or say three, we find ourselves as back to square one. Nevertheless, like always, we would again make a resolution next year. (Wink!)May be we will succeed! At least we keep trying!

Below are few ways which will help one actually succeed in keeping up their resolutions, eventually bringing about a change that one has desired. Let’s have a look.

  • Have a clear motive behind making a resolution

A resolution without a clear motive can never succeed. Just because your friend has kept a resolution or your sibling has made a resolution and so you have to, will not help. Yes, it’s always good to take inspiration from others. So decide upon why you want to make a particular resolution. Analyze the benefits and the loss that you would make to yourself out of a resolution. Having a clear understanding will help you stay firm on your decision.

  • Don’t over-expect

Our over-expectations from own self is a major cause for one not being able to keep up the resolution. When your expectations go beyond the capacity that you can take, you start falling down steeply. In such a situation, you would find yourself losing, thus breaking the resolution. It does not mean that you should not expect yourself to win upon the resolution that you made. I mean to say that forgive yourself if you make mistakes at certain point of time. It will happen that you are unable to keep up to your decision. But then understand the situation and forgive yourself and say it to yourself that you will be more alert next time. Make every attempt to get back after you fall.

  • Make the resolution in front of a group of people

Let your friends and family know that you have made a resolution and also explain them your purpose behind a resolution; how it will help you improve and how serious you are to stand firmly upon it. This will help you with a moral support from their end. They will keep pointing out your mistakes at points when you make one. That will make you more alert.

  • Analyze your progress

Over a period of time, analyze the change that you have undergone. Ask your family and friends about it. Understand their opinion and view. Accordingly you will realize where you stand and in which direction you need to move ahead.

  • Set small targets and avoid specific target

When you set small targets for yourself, you are more likely to make specific progress in a direction. Suppose a person says that I need to change my habit in 1 year. Now mentally the person knows that he has a complete year ahead. As a result, he starts taking things lightly. In this manner, entire year passes away but the person finds himself at the same point. Rather keep small targets and strive to achieve them. Also, when I say avoid specific target, I mean that avoid specific target to fulfil your resolution completely. Complete change is not possible overnight. You need time. When you developed a habit, it happened over a time. So to change it, you need time. So keep that time open-ended and work upon specific, small and short-term targets.

  • Don’t be overly strict with yourself

This point somewhere covers up the idea to avoid over-expectations as well as keeping short-term targets. You won’t find yourself succeeding overnight. Hence change should be initiated in small portions. Little flexibility is fine, but do realize your boundary and stay within it to avoid falling down completely.

Happy New Year!

So these are those few points which will help you keep up to your resolution and achieve the desired. All I want to say is understand things clearly from every point of view and then make a decision. It will make a big difference. Plain resolutions won’t help in any manner. As I said earlier, you’ll be able to live it for just a month or two or say three, not more than that. You will come back where you were and eventually find all your efforts in vain. This applies to every action in your day-to-day activities.

So enjoy the New Year to the fullest and take a resolution to help yourself as well as others. Your thoughts and actions determine your character. Work upon them and make the New Year meaningful. Happy New Year!

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